Mount Lyell (Canada)

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Mount Lyell
Mount Lyell is located in Canada
Mount Lyell
Mount Lyell
Alberta/British Columbia, Canada
Elevation 3,504 m (11,496 ft)[1]
Prominence 1,078 m (3,537 ft)[2]
Parent peak Mount Forbes
Range Lyell Group, Central Icefields
Canadian Rockies
Coordinates 51°57′24″N 117°06′12″W / 51.95667°N 117.10333°W / 51.95667; -117.10333Coordinates: 51°57′24″N 117°06′12″W / 51.95667°N 117.10333°W / 51.95667; -117.10333[3]
Topo map NTS 82N/14
First ascent 1902, James Outram, guided by Christian Kaufmann[1]

Mount Lyell is a mountain on the Alberta-British Columbia border, in western Canada. It is located on the Continental Divide, which forms the BC-Alberta boundary in this area, in Banff National Park. The mountain is the highest in the Lyell Group, a subrange of the Central Icefields in the Canadian Rockies.[4]

The peak has a height of 3,504 m (11,496 ft).[1] In 1972, five distinct peaks on Mt. Lyell were named for Swiss mountain guides. On the interprovincial boundary are Christian Peak, Ernest Peak, and Walter Peak named for Ernest [sic] Feuz, Walter Feuz and Christian Hässler. Located entirely in Alberta are Edward Peak and Rudolph Peak named for Edward [sic] Feuz and Rudolph Aemmer.[3]

It marks the limit between the South Saskatchewan and Columbia watersheds.

The mountain was named by James Hector in 1858 for the Scottish geologist Sir Charles Lyell.[3]