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The Kroger supermarket at 725 Ponce de Leon Avenue in Poncey-Highland, Atlanta is popularly known as Murder Kroger[1] and since 2014, is being promoted as BeltLine Kroger.[2][3][4] The store opened in 1984 and is considered a local landmark.[5][6] Murders took place in the parking lot in 1991 and 2002.[7]

History and legend[edit]

An article in Creative Loafing called the store "one of the city's quirky charms that Atlantans seem to both love and hate at the same time".[1] It opened shortly after 1986, when low-interest government loans were used to convert the adjacent and former Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant into lofts and commercial spaces.[8] From the 1990s,[9] and until at least 2002,[10] the store had drivers license renewal services.

In 1991, a 25-year-old woman died after a shooting in the parking lot.[11] The Atlanta Journal-Constitution attributed the nickname "Scary Kroger" to the store because of the event.[11] In October 1999, a man robbed the Bank of America inside the store.[12] In August 2002, a strong odor raised the suspicions of a woman who reported her findings to police; a dead man was in a car in the parking lot.[7] A song titled "Murder Kroger" by the group Attractive Eighties Women, which incorporates a mention of the nearby Clermont Lounge into the lyrics, is dedicated to shoppers who frequent the store.[13]

Store features[edit]

In 2002 the store tested scan-it-yourself checkout devices.[14] After two Publix supermarkets opened nearby, the store was refurbished.[15] The closest neighboring Kroger, near Little Five Points, is the area's top performing one, as of 2006.[16]

Renovations are scheduled for completion in November 2014 at the market, including a bike/pedestrian ramp to the Atlanta BeltLine’s Eastside Trail, a bike repair station, new curbs and sidewalks (including paved sidewalk access to Ponce de Leon Avenue), new trees and landscaping, a “water quality pond” in the parking lot to filter runoff, new LED parking lot lighting and repaving the front and back parking lots.[2][17]


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