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National Health Action Party
Leader Dr Richard Taylor
Dr Clive Peedell
Founded 2012
Headquarters Kidderminster[1]
Colours     [2]
House of Commons English & Welsh seats
0 / 573
House of Lords
0 / 724
European Parliament English & Welsh seats
0 / 64
London Assembly
0 / 25
Welsh Assembly
0 / 60
Local government (England & Wales)
0 / 19,370
Police and Crime Commissioners
0 / 41
NHA party official website
Politics of England
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The National Health Action Party (NHA) is a political party in England. Founded in May 2012 by former MP Dr Richard Taylor and cancer specialist Dr Clive Peedell, the party seeks to campaign against changes to the English National Health Service.[3][4] The party also intends to follow the recommendations of the Health Select Committee's 2009/10 reports,[4] and campaign on deprivation, housing, and public health.[5] The party supports the Dilnot report's recommendations on social care, and believes the Francis report has failed to address key problems, such as whistleblower protection and the effect of NHS reforms.[6]

The party intends to fight in a number of constituencies at the next general election, with the aim of replacing MPs who favoured the Health and Social Care Bill as well as having significant influence in the event of a hung parliament.[7] The party plans a social media campaign in addition to conventional approaches.[8] According to those sites, as of May 2014 the party has around 11,000 followers on Facebook[9] and 50,000 followers on Twitter.[10]


  • De-commercialisation of the healthcare system, with co-operation rather than competition.[11]
  • Neutering of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and abolition of the purchaser/provider split.
  • Increased public involvement in healthcare, with a reduced reliance on management consultants.
  • Improvements to public health, social care, housing and other matters that affect the nation's health.
  • A 'new politics' with greater roles for independent candidates and public interests.


Author Mark Haddon,[12] writer Marcus Chown[13] and comedian Rufus Hound[14] support the party.

Executive Committee[edit]

  • Clive Peedell (party co-founder) is a consultant clinical oncologist. He is co-chair of the NHS Consultants Association and a member of the BMA Council. He notably ran 160 miles from Cardiff to London to highlight the Health and Social Care Bill. He is the prospective NHA candidate for Witney in 2015.
  • Kathryn Anderson is the Lead Nurse of the Pain Management Service at the Royal Free Hospital.
  • Caroline Badger (treasurer) is management accountant.
  • Peter Bamford (webmaster) is a chemical engineer in the oil and gas business.
  • Paul Hobday was a GP in Kent who stood down in protest at the government's NHS reforms.
  • John Hully is an IT, governance and project management specialist.
  • David Lawrence (minutes secretary) is a public health consultant with experience in commissioning and health services research.
  • Simon Lenton is an ex-clinical director with a Masters in Public Health.
  • Penny Ormerod is a freelance journalist who has worked for various large publishers and magazines.
  • David Skidmore is an advanced ambulance technician who has worked for the NHS for 16 years.

Non-Executive Advisors[edit]

  • Alastair Fischer is a PhD economist who has written a number of papers on electoral systems.
  • Stuart Logan is the Cerebra Professor of Paediatric Epidemiology and Director of Institute of Health Service Research, University of Exeter Medical School.

Electoral performance[edit]


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