North Quay, London

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North Quay
North Quay Towers.jpg
Artist's impression of the three approved towers of North Quay
General information
Status Approved
Location Isle of Dogs, London
Address Land at Shed 35 North Quay, Aspen Way, E14
Country United Kingdom
Current tenants Vacant site
Client Norquil Limited
Owner Canary Wharf Group
Technical details
Floor area Offices: 372,660 square metres (4,011,300 sq ft)
Other: 5,324 square metres (57,300 sq ft)
Design and construction
Architect César Pelli & Associates with Allsop Architects

North Quay is an approved office development, consisting of three towers on the north side of Canary Wharf in London. The developer is Canary Wharf Group and the architect is Cesar Pelli.

The heights of the towers will be:

  • Tower 1 - 221 m (725 ft) - 40 floors
  • Tower 2 - 120 m (390 ft) - 18 floors
  • Tower 3 - 209 m (686 ft) - 38 floors


In March 2003 Norquil Ltd submitted a planning application to Tower Hamlets for two towers and a central link building at land known as Shed 35 North Quay, Aspen Way, London, E14.[1]

The application were approved on 12 January 2007 including a condition that the development shall commence within 10 years of that date.[1] A press release was posted on the official Canary Wharf website on 12 January.[citation needed]. It announced the two skyscrapers as being 209m and 221m above ground level, slightly taller than previously thought.

It isn't known when the development will proceed, as it is competition with many other proposed office developments in and around Canary Wharf, in the City of London, and elsewhere in central London. The opening of Crossrail in 2018 will make the scheme more attractive to potential tenants as Crossrail's Canary Wharf station will be immediately to the south of it.

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