PMPC Star Awards for Television

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PMPC Star Awards for Television
29th PMPC Star Awards for Television
Awarded for Excellence in Philippine television
Country Philippines
Presented by Philippine Movie Press Club
First awarded 1987
Television/Radio coverage
Network ABS-CBN (1988, 2009-ongoing)
TV5 (2008)
RPN (1987, 2000-2004, 2006-2007)
IBC (1989-99, 2005)

PMPC Star Awards for Television is annual award giving body recognizing the outstanding programming produced by the several TV networks in the Philippines every year.

It was founded by the Philippine Movie Press Club in 1987. These are the award categories to be given away yearly.

Star Awards are considered the television equivalent to the FAMAS Awards (for film) and Awit Awards (for music).

PMPC Star Awards for Television Ceremonies[edit]

Year Award-Giving Body Ref
1987 1st PMPC Star Awards for TV
1988 2nd PMPC Star Awards for TV
2003 17th PMPC Star Awards for TV
2004 18th PMPC Star Awards for TV
2005 19th PMPC Star Awards for TV
2006 20th PMPC Star Awards for TV
2007 21st PMPC Star Awards for TV
2008 22nd PMPC Star Awards for TV


Children, Educational, Reality and Lifestyle[edit]

  • Best Children Show (not given in 2005)
  • Best Educational Program
  • Best Lifestyle Show
  • Best Travel Show
  • Best Reality Program [or Best Reality Based Competition TV Program]
  • Best Travel Show Host
  • Best Children Show Host (not given in 2005)
  • Best Educational Program Host
  • Best Lifestyle Show Host
  • Best Reality Program Host [or Best Reality Based Competition TV Program Host]

Merged Category

  • Best Educational & Children Program (2012)
  • Best Reality & Game Show (2012)
  • Best Lifestyle & Travel Show (2012)
  • Best Educational & Children Program Host (2012)
  • Best Reality & Game Show Host (2012)
  • Best Lifestyle & Travel Show Host (2012)

News and Documentaries[edit]

  • Best Morning Show
  • Best Public Affairs Program
  • Best Magazine Show
  • Best Documentary Program
  • Best Documentary Special (since 2004)
  • Best Public Service Program
  • Best News Program
  • Best Morning Show Host
  • Best Public Service Program Host
  • Best Public Affairs Program Host
  • Best Magazine Show Host
  • Best Documentary Program Host
  • Best Male Newscaster
  • Best Female Newscaster


  • Best Youth-Oriented Program
  • Best Horror / Fantasy Program (not given in 2014)
  • Best Talent Search Program (since 2004)
  • Best New TV Personality [a single category] (1987-1999)
  • Best New Male TV Personality (2000)
  • Best New Female TV Personality (2000)

Gag, Comedy and Talk Shows[edit]

  • Best Gag Show
  • Best Comedy Show
  • Best Showbiz-Oriented Show
  • Best Celebrity Talk Show
  • Best Variety Show
  • Best Game Show (not given in 1991 and 1998)
  • Best Musical Variety Show (not given in 1998)

Merged Category

  • Best Variety & Game Show (2009–2010)
  • Best Comedy & Gag Show (2012)
  • Best Celebrity & Showbiz-Oriented Talk Show (2012)
  • Best Musical & Variety Show (2012)

Drama and Series[edit]

  • Best Primetime TV Series (2004–2011, 2013 to present)
  • Best Daytime Drama Series (2004–2011, 2013 to present)
  • Best Drama Mini-Series (2009–2011)
  • Best Drama Anthology
  • Best Drama Series [a single category] (1987–2003, 2012)

Hosting Performance[edit]

  • Best Talent Search Program Host (since 2004)
  • Best Celebrity Talk Show Host
  • Best Game Show Host (not given in 1991 and 1998)
  • Best Showbiz-Oriented Show Host [a single category] (1987–99)
  • Best Female Showbiz-Oriented Show Host (2000)
  • Best Male Showbiz-Oriented Show Host (2000)
  • Best Male TV Host
  • Best Female TV Host

Merged Category

  • Best Male Celebrity & Showbiz-Oriented Show Host (2012)
  • Best Female Celebrity & Showbiz-Oriented Show Host (2012)

Acting Performance[edit]

  • Best Comedy Actor
  • Best Comedy Actress
  • Best Drama Actor
  • Best Drama Actress
  • Best Drama Supporting Actor (2013)
  • Best Drama Supporting Actress (2013)
  • Best Child Performer (2012)
  • Best Single Performance by an Actor
  • Best Single Performance by an Actress

Best TV Station[edit]

^ - In 1995 and 2013, ABS-CBN 2 & GMA 7 tied as Best TV Stations.

Special Awards[edit]

  • Male Face of the Night
  • Female Face of the Night
  • Male Star of the Night
  • Female Star of the Night
  • Male Celebrity of the Night
  • Female Celebrity of the Night
  • Ading Fernando Lifetime Achievement
  • Excellence In Broadcasting Lifetime Achievement
  • German Moreno's Power Tandem Award (2014)

Hall Of Fame[edit]

This will be given to a show and an artist that won their respective category, 15 times.

Former Categories[edit]

  • Best Music Video (the only award went to Lupang Hinirang [PTV 4] for winning their Best Music Video in 1999)
  • Best Sports Oriented Show
  • Best TV/Musical Special (replaced of Best Documentary Special in 2004)
  • Best TV Station ID (the only award went to PTV 4 for winning their Best TV Station ID in 1996)
  • Best TV Station w/ Balanced Programming (in 2000, it became and shortened as Best TV Station category)
  • Best Movie Talk Show & Host (replaced by Best Showbiz-Oriented Show & Host in the early 90s)
  • Best Woman Show & Host (in late 80s to mid-90s & also 2004 as "Best Woman-Oriented Program & Host")
  • Best Cooking Show & Host (in early 90's)
  • Best Weekly Daytime Drama Series (in 2007, "Love Spell" [ABS-CBN 2]) and replaced by Best Drama Mini-Series Program in 2009-2011
  • Best Cultural Magazine Show & Host (in early 90s)
  • Best Movie for TV (in early 90s to early 2000s)
  • Best Musical Program & Host (in late 80's to mid-90's)

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