Andalas State Polytechnics

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Andalas State Polytechnics
Politeknik Negeri Andalas
Logo Politeknik Negeri Padang.svg
Logo of Andalas State Polytechnics
Motto Think Academically, Act Professionally, Behave Nobly
Established March 12, 1985
October 5, 1987
Anniversary / Dies Natalis
Type Public university
Location Limau Manis Campus, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia
Campus Limau Manis
Colors Green
Nickname Polytechnics of Andalas University
Affiliations Andalas University (until October 6, 2012)

Andalas State Polytechnics (or Andalas Polytechnics (Indonesian: Politeknik Negeri Andalas[1][2]), formerly name : Padang State Polytechnics (Indonesian: Politeknik Negeri Padang) and Polytechnics of Andalas University (Indonesian: Politeknik Universitas Andalas)) is a higher education institution in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia.


Andalas State Polytechnics has grown and developed along with the rapid development of science and technology. By always doing a self-evaluation and the development of partnerships with various institutions, an institutional commitment so that any changes in both the internal and external sides addressed positively. This makes Andalas State Polytechnics always clean up so Andalas State Polytechnics graduates are in great demand today.

Many recruitment conducted on the alumni and students who want to completing his education by various companies both national companies and foreign companies is a proof that Andalas State Polytechnics graduates capable of competing among graduates college is.

Implementation of the education system is more emphasis on ethics and work ethic supported by academic ability and furnishing Andalas State Polytechnics with a variety of equipment both in the laboratory and workshop is something that is very supportive for the entire academic community in developing potential primarily for science. Implementation of the system that matches the workshop practice systems in industry is a measure of consistency to prepare personnel Expert Associate (Indonesian: Ahli Madya/A.Md.) is a skilled and has the work ethic of the industry needs.

The design of a dynamic curriculum designed according to the needs of industry / marketplace, is a strategic step that is applied in making Andalas State Polytechnics graduates ready to compete in the world of work.

Department and Studies Program[edit]

There are 7 Department, 12 Studies Program at Diploma 3, and 7 Studies Program at Diploma 4 (Engineering and Commerce) contained in Andalas State Polytechnics, including:


Engineering Commerce
Civil Engineering Accountancy
Electronic Engineering English
Information Technology Trade Administration
Mechanical Engineering

Diploma 3 Studies Program[edit]

Engineering Commerce
Civil Engineering Accountancy
Computer Engineering Business Administration
Electrical Engineering Business Travel
Electronics Engineering English
Heavy Equipment Engineering Information Management
Mechanical Engineering
Telecommunication Engineering

Diploma 4 Studies Program[edit]

Engineering Commerce
Construction Engineering Management Accountancy
Designing Roads and Bridges
Energy Conversion
Industrial Electronics Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Telecommunication Engineering


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