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Palashi is located in West Bengal
Location in West Bengal, India
Coordinates: 23°48′N 88°15′E / 23.80°N 88.25°E / 23.80; 88.25Coordinates: 23°48′N 88°15′E / 23.80°N 88.25°E / 23.80; 88.25
Country  India
State West Bengal
District Nadia
Elevation 17 m (56 ft)
 • Official BengaliEnglish
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 741156
Telephone code 91 3474

Palashi (Bengali: পলাশী Pôlashi, formerly rendered in English: Plassey) is a small hamlet on the Bhagirathi river, located approximately 50 kilometres north of the city of Krishnagar in the Nadia District of West Bengal, India. The nearest major town is Beldanga. It has its own local gram panchayat. It is particularly well known due to the battle fought there in 1757.


The name Palashi is derived from the red flower Butea sp. - either Butea frondosa or Butea monosperma. In Bengali that is পলাশ Pôlash; the English version of the name is presumably from a western Indic form like Urdu palāśi, pronounced [pəˈlaːsi]. The common names in English are Flame of the Forest or Bastard Teak, which flowers in the spring. The word officially used is 'Plassey' rather than 'Plashi'.


Main article: Battle of Plassey

Pâlāshi achieved historical significance when, on 23 June 1757, the Battle of Plassey was fought between the forces of Siraj Ud Daulah, the last Nawab of Bengal (and his French support troops) and the troops of the British East India Company, led by Robert Clive. Had Marathas taken the initiative, possibly they could have stopped British.[citation needed] Unfortunately Bhonsales of Nagpur and Peshwas indulged into rivalry and had no time to look in wider perspective.[citation needed] This event, part of the Seven Years' War, ultimately led to the establishment of British rule in Bengal, and eventually, the whole Indian subcontinent. During British rule Plassey became part of Nadia District of Bengal.[1]


Palashi is located at 23°48′N 88°15′E / 23.80°N 88.25°E / 23.80; 88.25.[2] It has an average elevation of 17 m (56 ft).