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Not to be confused with Power (TV series).
Genre Superhero
Police procedural
Based on Powers
by Brian Michael Bendis
Michael Avon Oeming
Developed by Brian Michael Bendis
Charlie Huston
Starring Sharlto Copley
Susan Heyward
Max Fowler
Olesya Rulin
Noah Taylor
Adam Godley
Michelle Forbes
Logan Browning
Eddie Izzard
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 10
Executive producer(s) David Slade
David Engel
Lawrence Mattis
David Alpert
Frank Frattaroli
Michael Dinner
Mike Avon Oeming
Brian Michael Bendis
Rémi Aubuchon
Charlie Huston
Running time 45–53 minutes
Production company(s) Circle of Confusion
Sony Pictures Television
Distributor PlayStation Network
Original channel PlayStation Network
Original run March 10, 2015 – present
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Powers is an American online streaming series adaptation of the Powers comic book series published by Marvel Comics under their Icon Comics imprint. The PlayStation Network's first scripted original programming,[1][2] the series premiered on March 10, 2015.[3][4] The first two episodes of the series were written by Charlie Huston and directed by David Slade.[5] The first three episodes were released on March 10, 2015 on the PlayStation Network. The pilot episode is available for free on YouTube and Crackle.


Set in a world where humans and super heroes co-exist, a former power now homicide detective, Christian Walker had his own powers taken from him. Along with his partner Deena Pilgrim they work in a special homicide division called Powers, which investigates crimes involving superhumans.


No. Title Directed by Written by Release date
1 "Pilot" David Slade Charlie Huston March 10, 2015 (2015-03-10)
In a world in which superpowered individuals known as "Powers" are a reality, the city of Los Angeles has a special department known as the Powers Division which polices superpowered criminals. Christian Walker, a Power known as "Diamond" has lost his powers and becomes a detective in the Powers Division. Following a routine arrest, a Power breaks free from his cell and kills Walker's partner. After the mess from the jailbreak is cleaned up, Walker is assigned a new partner, Deena Pilgrim. For their first case, they are assigned to investigate the death of the superhero Olympia, found dead in a hotel room by a young girl named Calista Secor. Walker and Pilgrim interrogate Calista, but before they can gain any real information, she is teleported out of the police station by Johnny Royale, a criminal Power thought killed many years ago. Walker and Pilgrim go to visit Walker's old friend "Big Bad" Wolfe who had been caught and incarcerated by Walker after becoming a criminal. Wolfe was thought to have killed Johnny Royale, but a conversation with Wolfe yields no new information, save for him cryptically telling Walker that he will give him back his powers if he will let him out of prison. Walker is able to track down Calista, but finds her about to leap from a building in a desperate attempt to activate powers that she hopes she has. When she jumps, Walker jumps after her, hoping that his powers will return and allow him to save her. The attempt fails, but before they hit the ground, the superhero RetroGirl saves them both.
2 "Like a Power" David Slade Charlie Huston March 10, 2015 (2015-03-10)
After being saved by RetroGirl, Walker up on the roof the building he had jumped from, having spent the night there. He attempts to get into contact with RetroGirl, who has taken Calista back to her apartment after saving her the night before. Further investigation into Olympia's death reveals that the cause of death was a drug known as "Sway", which is being produced by Johnny Royale and his men. Royale had used Calista to deliver the drug to Olympia, playing off of her desire to become a Power. Walker and Pilgrim go to RetroGirl's house to meet with Calista, but upon their arrival, Calista has run away. The detectives return to the Powers division to see Johnny Royale filling out paperwork to register his powers. Royale has decided to reveal himself out in the open and goes on television to deny any criminal aspirations, stating that he faked his death due to rumors that he had been aiding "Big Bad" Wolfe in his crime spree in the past. Royale claims to have returned to help wayward Powers youth, and he sets up a youth center for Powers to meet. Calista arrives there, feeling that she has nowhere else to go. Royale allows her to stay, claiming that he has no desire to harm her. Later that night, Royale teleports into Walker's apartment and threatens him, telling him to stay out of his way.
3 "Mickey Rooney Cries No More" David Petrarca David Paul Francis March 10, 2015 (2015-03-10)
The hero TripHammer works alongside Captain Cross in an experiment designed to remove the abilities of dangerous Powers. The experiment fails, and their test subject is killed. TripHammer wants to quit, citing the toll previous failures are having on him, but Cross convinces him to continue the experiments. Across town, Walker and Pilgrim are investigating the death of "Levitation Boy" who is believed to have accidentally fallen to his death. However, Pilgrim points out that "Levitation Boy"'s powers were limited to only three feet of levitation, indicating foul play. An autopsy of "Levitation Boy" reveals that "Sway", the same drug that killed Olympia, is responsible for his death as well. Walker and Pilgrim attempt to track the drug back to its source and discover that it is a "power enhancer" which boosts a Power's abilities temporarily. "Levitation Boy" had used the drug to fly higher and had fallen to his death as a result. The detectives head to Johnny Royale's Powers club in the hopes of catching him distributing "Sway". They spot RetroGirl arriving at the club with Calista, who had returned to RetroGirl to apologize for running away. Walker and Pilgrim witness "Sway" being passed around the club, but there is no money changing hands; the drug is being given away for free. Walker and Pilgrim apprehend Calista, but when they attempt to leave with her, Johnny Royale stops them. Despite RetroGirl and Walker trying to convince her otherwise, Calista decides to stay with Royale. After the others leave, Royale teleports into "Big Bad" Wolfe's cell to witness him dismembering and eating a doctor who had been giving him regular lobotomies to counteract his powers of regeneration. Wolfe pleads with Royale to let him go home as Royale looks on, horrified.
4 "Devil in a Garbage Bag" David Petrarca Allison Moore March 17, 2015 (2015-03-17)
Walker and Pilgrim receive a call informing them that Wolfe has escaped from his bonds and killed several guards. As they race to Wolfe's prison, Royale is urging Wolfe to leave the prison with him. However, Wolfe is more concerned with killing and punishing those who have tortured him. When Wolfe will not give up his vendetta, Royale is forced to leave. Walker and Pilgrim meet with TripHammer, who shows them his experiments with the Drainer, his invention that removes the abilities from Powers. The group devises a plan to force Wolfe into the Drainer and neutralize him. Meanwhile, Royale makes preparations to leave the city, believing that he will no longer be safe with Wolfe on the loose. He takes Calista with him and reveals to her that "Sway" is simply Wolfe's blood which he has been extracting from him on a routine basis. Wolfe's ability to absorb powers and increase them are temporarily transferred to Powers that take the "drug". The attempt to capture Wolfe does not go well and several guards are killed trying to stop him. Walker traps Pilgrim in a cell to protect her and confronts Wolfe alone. He attempts to convince Wolfe to come to his senses and stop his rampage, but he refuses. After being taken away from the city, Calista convinces Royale that he cannot just run away. Royale decides to return to free Wolfe, but upon teleporting into Wolfe's cell, he finds that his powers no longer work due to the effects of the Drainer, leaving him trapped inside.
5 "Paint It Black" Bill Eagles Julie Siege March 24, 2015 (2015-03-24)
The episode starts with a recap, Walker telling Wolfe he's more than just a killer, and Wolfe asking Christian what happened, that he'd wanted to be a hero. He tells Walker, there are no heroes. It then shifts to the past, when Royale and Walker were younger. Royale and Walker are teens hanging at a club with some powers kids. Royale uses his power to go to the bar, get a bottle, and come back besides Walker. Walker notices Retro Girl checking him out, they haven't met yet. Royale encourages Walker to go to her, but then Wolfe arrives. Royale presents their mentor with the bottle, which leads Wolfe to reprimand him for not getting glasses, to which Royale gets glasses. Walker tries to excuse Royale, and Wolfe tells him not to defend him. They then return to the present, Wolfe eats a few Powers and seems disoriented, but he's slowly realizing that he was the one that took Walker's powers and that Walker had put him in this cell. Realizing Walker had put him in The Shaft, Wolfe gets angry. As they clash, both their eyes light up red, and Walker gets inside Wolfe's mind. He sees what could be Wolfe's first kill, and as they mentally clash, Wolfe begins to levitate, a show of Walker's parents. All the while this is going on, Retro Girl is in Florida, rescuing people from the hurricane, not aware of how far the situation has escalated. She has saved a girl and promises to find her brother. Then the focus shifts to Zora, she arrives at The Shaft, wanting to make a name for herself by defeating Wolfe. She and a few other powers wait in the main room with the other officers, waiting for the signal to go. Walker is mentally battling Wolfe and starts getting his powers back when Triphammer comes and attacks Wolfe. He does well pushing Wolfe back and seems victorious, but then Wolfe pushes back and overpowers Triphammer, breaking his prosthetic arm, and ripping his hammer off. Walker again grabs Wolfe attempting to get his powers back, only to be "saved" by Zora who came down after Triphammer's camera lost signal with the main room. She manages to throw Wolfe down a hall, but her powers have little to no effect, and Wolfe effortlessly overpowers her as well. With Walker and Zora both on the floor, it seems Wolfe will consume Zora and escape. Retro Girl appears and stops Wolfe from consuming Zora. Wolfe and Retro Girl fight, and it seems equal, but then Zora interferes, still wanting the spotlight, and Retro Girl gets knocked out saving Zora. Walker comes along, fights with Wolfe, and during the struggle, his powers go back and forth between them, ending with Walker gaining his powers back. He overpowers Wolfe, and puts him back in his cell. The drainer stops Wolfe cold, but as soon as Wolfe is put under the drainer, Walker experiences pain and falls to the floor. Royale exits the cell, having been there the whole time, looks at Wolfe, looks at Walker, with a look of awe and respect for Walker. Royale leaves, and Zora exits The Shaft, taking the credit for stopping Wolfe. Walker wakes up in the hospital, with Retro Girl by his side. He is disoriented, and Retro Girl, unaware of what happened after Wolfe knocked her out, tells Walker that Zora had saved them. Walker seems to realize he's lost his powers, and supports the lie, that Zora indeed stopped Wolfe. Retro Girl cries out of fear for Wolfe, and regret for those she couldn't save from the hurricane in Florida. Walker consoles her, and she falls asleep in his arms in the hospital bed. Sometime later, Walker opens his eyes, and they glow Red as they had when he took sway and clashed with Wolfe.
6 "The Raconteur of the Funeral Circuit" Mikael Salomon TBD March 31, 2015 (2015-03-31)
7 "You Are Not It" Aaron Lipstadt Remi Aubuchon, Allison Moore April 7, 2015 (2015-04-07)
8 "Aha Shake Heartbreak" Tim Hunter Julie Siege April 14, 2015 (2015-04-14)
9 "Level 13" Bill Eagles Brian Michael Bendis April 21, 2015 (2015-04-21)
10 "F@#K the Big Chiller" Mikael Salomon TBD April 28, 2015 (2015-04-28)


  • Sharlto Copley as Christian Walker - a detective for the powers division. Christian was once a hero, with the ability to fly, and was one of the best, but he had his powers taken from him by his previous mentor, Wolfe. Now Christian uses his experience to help the powers division stop powers.
  • Susan Heyward as Deena Pilgrim - Christians' partner in the powers division. Her father is a successful lawyer.
  • Max Fowler as Krispin Stockley - the teenage son of Christian's deceased former partner. He feels that the more unstable 'Powers' should be held accountable for their mistakes.
  • Olesya Rulin as Calista Secor - a wayward girl, she may or may not be homeless. She's a "wannabe" as she hangs around with powers, wanting powers of her own. She is convinced she has powers inside her, and believes they will awaken someday. She intends to use her powers on her abusive father for hurting her mother.
  • Noah Taylor as Johnny Royalle - another protege of Wolfe, and former friend of Christian Walker. it is unknown what happened between Royalle and Walker, they used to be friends and studied under Wolfe. Royalle has the power to teleport.
  • Adam Godley as Captain Cross - the head of Powers Division. He hates all powers and butts heads with Christian and Deena.
  • Michelle Forbes as Retro Girl - a female 'power' who dated Christian when they were young and were the same team. Their relationship is strained after all the years apart.
  • Logan Browning as Zora - a blooming powers kid with the ability to manipulate light. She admires Christian and is ambitious about becoming the next powers hero.
  • Eddie Izzard as "Big Bad" Wolfe - possibly one of the most powerful and dangerous villains. Wolfe has the ability to absorb powers, an ability he used on Walker. It's unknown exactly how he takes powers, as Christian is shown with a scar on his back, so it's unclear if he just needs to be close or needs physical contact. Wolfe is mentally unstable, which is why he wasn't executed. Wolfe consumes humans and powers alike, both of which fuel him. Wolfe has shown extreme strength, speed, and regeneration.

Recurring Cast:

  • Andrew Sensenig as Triphammer - a non-powered hero, double amputee, and scientific genius who designed himself a suit of state-of-the-art armor to fight crime. A former member of the superhero team with Christian and Retro Girl, he now watches over the powers prison and has built a device to drain the superhumans' powers. Real name Harley Cohen.
  • Aaron Farb as Simons - Royalle's assistant. He is a bald man with the power to make multiple copies of himself with their own thoughts and personalities.
  • Justice Leak as Kutter - a member of Powers Division. He is friends with Christian and respects him, thought they often butt heads.
  • Nicky Buggs as Eva Hamdam - Retro Girl's female assistant and confidant.
  • Jeryl Prescott as Golden - a member of Powers Division. She is friends with both Deena and Christian. Wolfe later kills and consumes her.
  • Shelby Steel as Chaotic Chick - a girl who Krispin meets online. She likes powers but feels similarly with Krispin that they should be held accountable for their mistakes, due to a power battle resulting in the death of her cousin.
  • Michael Lowry as Craig Sherman - a publicist who works for Zora.
  • Janina Gavankar as Amira Karan - Deena's best friend.
  • Bianca Amato as Delia Alexander - a newscaster.
  • Jannette Sepwa as Paola Ruiz - Zora's fiesty assistant and lawyer.
  • David Ury as Dr. Death - a mortician who works for Powers Division. He doesn't get along with Deena.


Sony Pictures had optioned the series for film production in 2001.[6] In 2009, Brian Michael Bendis, creator of the comic book, confirmed plans to develop a Powers television show on FX as well as his involvement as the writer of the pilot for the show.[7] In February 2011, a greenlit pilot of the show scripted by Charles H. Eglee was announced as a co-production by Sony Pictures Television and FX Networks.[6] Charles S. Dutton became the first cast member in May 2011 when he signed on to play Captain Cross.[8] Imminent filming in Chicago within weeks was announced in June 2011.[9] The following week, Lucy Punch was cast as Deena Pilgrim.[10] Katee Sackhoff had campaigned for the part.[11] Although FX was rumored to be courting Kyle Chandler for the part of Walker,[11] the next day Jason Patric was cast in the part.[12][13] Later in June, Carly Foulkes was cast as Retro Girl and Bailee Madison was cast as Calista.[14][15]

Filming began in Chicago in early July 2011 and ended in early August.[16][17] In November 2011, FX announced that it would retool and reshoot the Powers pilot.[18] Bendis tweeted that "the reshoots are planned for January and are all about tone and clarity".[19] In April 2012, more scripts were ordered and writing continued, but reshoots and recasting were being discussed by the network.[20]

On March 19, 2014, it was announced that Powers would become the first original television series on the PlayStation Network, to stream exclusively on PlayStation consoles and potentially stream in December 2014.[21][22] On July 16, 2014, Susan Heyward, Max Fowler and Adam Godley were cast as Deena Pilgrim, Krispin Stockley and Captain Cross.[23] On August 15, 2014, Deadline.com reported that Eddie Izzard, Noah Taylor & Olesya Rulin were cast in the roles of "Big Bad" Wolfe, Johnny Royalle and Calista.[24] On August 18, 2014, Sharlto Copley was announced to star as Christian Walker and Michelle Forbes is cast as Retro Girl.[25] Mario Lopez guest stars in the pilot episode as the host of "Extra" wondering about Walker's current whereabouts.

On October 11, 2014, a trailer for Powers was premiered at New York Comic-Con.[26]


The first season has received mixed reviews from critics. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a score of 53% based on 19 critic reviews, with an average score of 5.5/10. The critical consensus reads "The interplay between the characters lacks spark, but the detailed world-building of Powers shows potential."[27] On Metacritic, it received a score of 51 out of 100, indicating 'mixed or average reviews.'[28]


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