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Glico Pretz

Pretz (プリッツ, Purittsu) is a Japanese snack made by Ezaki Glico. Like Ezaki Glico's other popular snack, Pocky, Pretz is stick-shaped and comes with a texture similar to pretzels. Unlike Pocky, Pretz is dusted with seasonings instead of enrobed in a flavored fudge.

Pretz comes in a few varieties and three sizes: Regular, Kid's, and Giant. Most Pretz come in the Regular size, with some flavors also being offered in Giant size. The Kid's size is a smaller pack of Pretz and is sweeter to appeal to children. Kid's packages also come with a cartoon child on the package. The Double Pretz variety offers two separate flavors on a single Pretz stick (one flavor on each half) and the Meets Wine variety is a cheese-flavored Pretz named to suggest it be paired with wine.

Pretz flavors[edit]

Pretz also differs from Pocky in that most of the flavors are savory rather than sweet. The following is a list of existing Pretz flavors:

Similar products[edit]

Popular products typically spur other companies to make similar items and Pretz is no exception. Current Pretz-like snacks include Pringles Stix by the Pringles company and a type made by Pepero.

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