Rajan Vichare

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Rajan Baburao Vichare
Residence Thane
Nationality Indian
Ethnicity Maratha
Citizenship Indian
Education 10 Grade fail
Occupation Politician
Years active 2009- Present
Net worth Rs.2
Political party
Shiv Sena
Religion Hindu

Rajan Vichare is a Indian politician and a Shiv Sena member of parliament representing Thane, Maharashtra in the 16th Lok Sabha (lower house of the Indian Parliament). He has also previously been a member of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly in 2009-14.[1]

Vichare has been in association with Shiv Sena since his childhood. Coming from a middle-class family and having worked in various blue-collar jobs, in 1985, he became a full-time worker of Sena. He is an admirer of politician Anand Dighe. Somewhere in 1980s, he was once arrested while looting a Television showroom in Thane. Later he was bailed out by a congress member from Thane and former Thane city Congress President Subhash Kanade. He even has a charge related to attempt to murder, when he used a knife to slash. Congress supporter's face. He has had no support within the Thane unit of Shiv Sena. He was also involved in extorting money from real estate builders. He supported the development of dilapidated buildings and opposed illegal Construction of buildings after the Mumbra building crash case. But he himself has made illegal extension on his house for personal use. He is known for his short temper & use of expletive language with subordinates. He stated that he is a Bachelor in Arts. But the affidavit submitted by him to Election Commission states that he has only studied till 10 grade. [2] He was also the Mayor of Thane Municipal Corporation in 2006.[3]


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