Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant

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Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant
Ringhals NPP
Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant is located in Sweden
Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant
Location of Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant
Country Sweden
Coordinates 57°15′35″N 12°6′39″E / 57.25972°N 12.11083°E / 57.25972; 12.11083Coordinates: 57°15′35″N 12°6′39″E / 57.25972°N 12.11083°E / 57.25972; 12.11083
Construction began 1969
Commission date R1: January 1, 1976
R2: May 1, 1975
R3: September 9, 1981
R4: November 21, 1983
Operator(s) Ringhals AB
Power generation
Units operational R1: 855 MW
R2: 866 MW
R3: 1051 MW
R4: 935 MW
Annual generation 27,021

Ringhals is a Swedish nuclear power plant with 4 reactors, one boiling water reactor (R1) and three pressurized water reactors (R2, R3 and R4). It is situated on the Värö Peninsula (Swedish: Väröhalvön) in Varberg Municipality approximately 60 km south of Gothenburg. With a total power rating of 3560 MWe, it is the largest power plant in Sweden and generates 24 TWh of electricity a year, the equivalent of 20% of the electrical power usage of Sweden. It is owned 70% by Vattenfall and 30% by E.ON.


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