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Roxy Pro Gold Coast is an event on the ASP World Surfing Tour. The event is held every year at Coolangatta in Queensland, Australia.


Year Winner Nation Score Runner-Up Nation Score Prize money
2002 Lynette MacKenzie  Australia Jacqueline Silva  Brazil
2003 Layne Beachley  Australia Trudy Todd  Australia
2004 Jacqueline Silva  Brazil Rochelle Ballard  United States
2005 Stephanie Gilmore  Australia Megan Abubo  United States
2006 Melanie Redman-Carr  Australia Layne Beachley  Australia
2007 Chelsea Hedges  Australia Carissa Moore  United States
2008 Sofía Mulánovich  Peru Samantha Cornish  Australia
2009 Stephanie Gilmore  Australia Melanie Bartels  United States
2010 Stephanie Gilmore  Australia Melanie Bartels  United States
2011 Carissa Moore  United States Tyler Wright  Australia $110,000
2012 Stephanie Gilmore  Australia Laura Enever  Australia $110,000
2013 Tyler Wright  Australia Sally Fitzgibbons  Australia $120,000
2014 Stephanie Gilmore  Australia 15.80 Bianca Buitendag  South Africa 10.47 $60,000

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