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Rui (Chinese: 芮国/芮國, aka Jui) was a Chinese vassal state during the Zhou Dynasty (1046–256 BCE). The non-legendary status of the Rui state is known because it is mentioned in the Bamboo Annals.

In 703 BC, the rulers of the five states of Western Guo (西虢國),[a] Rui (芮國), Xun (荀國) and Jia (賈國), including the State of Liang, suppressed Duke Wu of Quwo using armed force.[1]

In 641 BC, the State of Qin easily conquered the Rui state along with the State of Liang.[2]


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  1. ^ Although the text of Records of the Grand Historian refers only to "Guo", the Eastern Guo State was eliminated in 767 BCE according to the Bamboo Annals.