SIAI-Marchetti S.205

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S.208 of the Italian Air Force
Role Liaison and glider-towing aircraft
Manufacturer SIAI-Marchetti
Designer Alexander Brena
First flight 1965
Status Out of production In service
Primary users Italian Air Force
Tunisian Air Force
Produced 1966-1980
Number built approximately 620 S.205s and 120 S.208s
Variants SIAI-Marchetti S.210

The SIAI-Marchetti S.205 is an Italian four-seat, single-engine, light airplane, manufactured by SIAI-Marchetti. The S.205 made its maiden flight in 1965. The Italian Air Force employs a version called S.208.


The S.205 was the brainchild of the SIAI-Marchetti head designer Alexander Brena in 1964. Brena wanted to make a light, general-purpose aircraft, which led to the S.205. The aircraft was all-metal, low-winged, single-engined and provided space for four persons. Further development led into the S.208, which had a 260 hp engine, retractable landing gear, and 5 seats. Other planned, but never realized versions were the S.206 and S.210.

The first produced aircraft, the S.205-18F, flew in the February 1966 and deliveries began the following year. Production ceased in 1975, but between 1977 and 1980 a further 140 S.205-20Rs were produced to satisfy an order emitted from the Italian flying club AeroClub Italia.[citation needed]

Approximately 65 fuselages were transported to the United States, to be assembled in Syracuse, New York by the Waco Aircraft Company. Initially the aircraft was called WACO Sirrus (4 -seat) and later VELA S220 (5-seat),[citation needed] but with the death of Mr. Berger, the president of the company, the assembly of the S.205 came to a halt in the USA.

Operational history[edit]

The Italian Air Force acquired 45 aircraft for use as liaison, glider-towing, and training aircraft. The military version, called S.208M, differed from the civil version through its avionics, its two doors for the cockpit, the possibility to mount a hook to tow the gliders and the lack of some fuel tanks. The first 4 delivered aircraft were S.205s, but were later converted into S.208s.

Two aircraft were also sold to Tunisia, who used them for pilot training.[1]


basic version, metal, single-engine four-seat airplane, the F version had a fixed undercarriage, while the R version had a retractable undercarriage. It was offered with three different engines:
S.205 F/R-18: Avco Lycoming O-360
S.205 F/R-20: Avco Lycoming IO-360-A1A
S.205 F/R-22: Franklin 6A-350C1
6-seat version, never realized
5-seat version with a 260 hp engine and a retractable undercarriage
military version for the Italian Air Force
agricultural version, also used as an aviation-ambulance.
twin-engine version.



The aircraft has been registered in some 27 countries in Europe, Africa, the Americas and Australia.



Specifications (S.205-20/R)[edit]

Data from Jane's All The World's Aircraft 1966–67[2]

General characteristics


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