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Samsung Galaxy
삼성 갤럭시
Samsung Galaxy Pro-Game Team.png
Location  South Korea
Founded 2000
Manager(s) South Korea Kim Ga-Eul (StarCraft II)
South Korea Choi Yoon-Sang (League of Legends)
Sponsors Samsung Electronics
Samsung Sports
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Samsung Galaxy Pro-Game team players

Samsung Galaxy is a StarCraft II and League of Legends Electronic sports-works team of the South Korean electronics company Samsung Electronics.

On September 7, 2013, Samsung game team acquired MVP game team's League of Legends team, and the entire team renamed to Samsung Galaxy.[1]



  • Current
    • Song Byung-Gu (August 3, 1988), known under the pseudonym Stork[gm], commonly abbreviated as Stork
  • Former
    • Huh Young-Moo (May 3, 1989), known under the pseudonym Dream.t)Jangbi, commonly abbreviated as Jangbi



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