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Name transcription(s)
 • Chinese 莎琳汶
 • Pinyin Shālínwén
 • Malay Sarimbun
 • Tamil சரிம்புன்
Country Singapore

Sarimbun is an area located in the north-western part of Singapore, close to the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Live Firing Area.

Sarimbun was where General Tomoyuki Yamashita landed his troops during World War II, and was engaged in the Battle of Sarimbun Beach. Sarimbun is also home to many small vegetable and fruit farms and health farms. These farms are normally owned by local entrepreneurs. Sarimbun also hosts multiple permanent campsites, especially on Jalan Bahtera. These campsites include the Singapore Scout Association's Sarimbun Campsite, Girl Guides Singapore's Camp Christine, and Ministry of Education's Jalan Bahtera Adventure Centre.


Sarimbun is a Malay place name, and existed probably since the early nineteenth century. The Franklin and Jackson's Plan of Singapore (1830) refers to Sungei Sarimbun, or Sarimbun River in Malay, as "Serimhone".

Rimbun means "luxuriant", "in great quantity" or "thick".

Other place names with Sarimbun include Pulau Sarimbun, a small island in the Straits of Johor off the coast at Sarimbun, and Sarimbun Reservoir, formed by the damming of Sungei Sarimbun, one of the many rivers that once existed in the Lim Chu Kang area. Both of this places are in the live-firing area.


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