Sex on the Moon

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Sex on the Moon
Sex on the moon.jpg
Cover of the First Edition
Author Ben Mezrich
Country United States
Language English
Subject Stolen moon rocks
Publisher Doubleday
Publication date
July 12, 2011 (2011-07-12)
Media type Print
Pages 304
ISBN 978-0-385-53392-8
OCLC 666230411

Sex on the Moon: The Amazing Story Behind the Most Audacious Heist in History is a book by Ben Mezrich, author of New York Times Best Seller Bringing Down the House and of The Accidental Billionaires. It retells the theft and attempted sale of lunar samples plus a Martian meteorite from a vault at NASA's Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center by a cooperative education student assisted by another co-op, an intern, plus an acquaintance.[1]

The story follows Thad Roberts, a University of Utah student and high-achieving NASA co-op in Houston, dreaming of doing great things such as becoming an astronaut, his love interest Rebecca[2] and his accomplices Sandra [2] and Gordon McWhorter. The group stole lunar samples from Building 31, had sex on a bed covered by the precious stones, were arrested by the FBI during a sting operation in Orlando, and sentenced.[2][3] The book also describes Thad's release from jail.


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