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Not to be confused with Shots (disambiguation).

Shotts is a small rural town in North Lanarkshire, Scotland. It is located almost halfway between Glasgow (21 miles) and Edinburgh (29 miles). At the 2001 census, the population was 8,235.[1] A local story has Shotts being named after the legendary giant Bertram de Shotts, though toponymists give the Anglo-Saxon derived 'sceots' (steep slopes) as the real source of the name.[2]

Shotts was known for its mining and ironworks. In the years leading up to World War II there were 22 coal mines in the area, but the last of these (Northfield Colliery) closed in the 1960s.

Shotts is the home of the former world champion pipe band, the House of Edgar Shotts and Dykehead Pipe Band.

HMP Shotts, a high security prison, is located between Shotts and Salsburgh.

The town is also served by Shotts railway station, which is connected on the Shotts Line between Glasgow and Edinburgh.


Notable Shotts People[edit]

Hugh Dallas MBE, Scottish and International Football referee

Schools Within Shotts[edit]

  • St.Patrick's Primary
  • Stane Primary
  • Dykehead Primary
  • Calderhead High School

Football Teams[edit]


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