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For the enemy of Wonder Woman, see Blue Snowman.
The Snowman debuts in Batman #337
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Batman #337 (July 1981)
Created by Gerry Conway
Roy Thomas
In-story information
Alter ego Klaus Kristin
Species Yeti/Human Hybrid
Team affiliations Cold Warriors
Notable aliases The Sinister Snowman, Yeti
Abilities Control over ice and snow
Superhuman strength

The Snowman is a fictional supervillain in Batman comics. The Snowman first appeared in Batman #337 (July 1981), and was created by Gerry Conway and Roy Thomas.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Klaus Kristin is the hybrid son of a male yeti and a woman named Katrina Kristin. He came to Gotham City to freeze it over only to run afoul of Batman who easily defeats Snowman.[1]

Batman later went to Tibet to capture the Snowman only to battle him and his father. The Snowman perished in the fight upon him falling off a cliff.[2]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Snowman has control over ice and snow. He also has super-strength.

In other media[edit]

Video games[edit]

  • An unlockable minor playable character in Lego Batman: The Videogame named "Yeti" bears a striking resemblance to, and may be, the Snowman.
  • In Batman: Arkham City, inmates can be heard saying 'It's colder than the Snowman's heart'. Whether this is a reference to The Snowman directly or a nickname for Mr. Freeze is unknown.


Other Snowmen[edit]

  • Abominable Snowman - An enemy of Superman that was awakened by the hero's rocket that brought him to Earth. Snowman would transform into Dr. Phoenix who would go on to try to turn Superman into steel before eventually reverting and attempt to undo civilization. Dr. Phoenix first appeared in Superman #263 (April 1973) and becomes the Abominable Snowman in Superman #266 (August 1973).

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