Susan Hogarth

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Susan Hogarth
Personal details
Citizenship United States
Political party Libertarian
Spouse(s) Bill Knighton
Alma mater Kansas State University

Susan Hogarth, a former candidate for North Carolina House of Representatives, is the founder of LPRadicals, a caucus of the Libertarian Party of the United States that she began in response to calls to eliminate the Party's platform, abolish or weaken the party's membership pledge, and abolish dues. She is also past chair of the Wake County chapter of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina.

Hogarth is originally from Phoenix, Maryland. She has worked as a brain-imaging research coordinator in a neurodevelopmental disorders research group.[1] She did copy editing work as well,[2] maintained the now-defunct blog "Colliething," and debated social conservatives on Usenet. She lives completely off the state electrical grid and raises chickens.[2] Past offices she has run for include state legislature and county commission.[3][self-published source?]


A fan of Murray Rothbard, she shares his disbelief in intellectual property. She believes that the best social safety net is "the vast and amazing web of transactions and interdependencies of the marketplace, where even the weakest and least skilled have something of value to contribute."[4]


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