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  • This is a redirect from a title with another method of capitalisation. It leads to the title in accordance with the Wikipedia naming conventions for capitalisation, or it leads to a title that is associated in some way with the conventional capitalisation of this redirect title. This may help writing, searching and international language issues. For more information follow the category link.
    • Use this rcat to tag only mainspace redirects; when other capitalisations are in different namespaces, use {{R from modification}} instead.
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Use this rcat template on mainspace redirects only.
#REDIRECT [[(target article title)]]

{{R from other capitalisation}}
This is in accord with instructions found at WP:REDCAT.

Misspelled redirects

Common misspellings can be considered useful redirects, and are among the most common uses of this template.


  • Also known as... – list of templates that redirect here and may also be used
Misspelled titles may be good search terms:


  • |printworthy – By default, this template tags and categorizes redirects as unprintworthy. Use this parameter to subdue this behavior and populate Category:Printworthy redirects:
{{R from other capitalisation|printworthy}}
  • |of=text, |reason=text or |2=text, – changes "...from a title with another method of capitalisation. It leads to..." to "...from a title with another method of capitalisation of text." This is useful when the term redirected from is an alternative capitalisation of a different name for or subtopic of the article title rather than of the title itself. For example, the redirect Northern Blue Jay:
#REDIRECT [[Blue jay#Subspecies]]
{{R from subtopic}}
{{R to subsection}}
{{R from other capitalisation|of=the redirect {{-r|Northern blue jay}}}}
When template {{This is a redirect}} (Redr) is used:
#REDIRECT [[Blue jay#Subspecies]]

{{Redr|from subtopic|to subsection|from other capitalisation|n3=the redirect {{-r|Northern blue jay}}|unprintworthy}}


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.

R from other capitalisation

Marks a redirect as being from another capitalisation. Populates [[Category:Redirects from other capitalisations]].

Template parameters
Parameter Description Type Default Auto value Status
Printworthy 1 Set to 'printworthy' to mark the redirect as printworthy. string empty empty optional

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