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  • This is a redirect from an alternative language – a page name in one language to a page name in another language. These words may directly translate or they may be related words, names or phrases. For more information follow the category link.
    • This redirect leads to its target in accordance with the naming conventions for titles in other languages and can help writing and searches. However, per WP:NOTBROKEN do not replace these redirected links with a piped link unless the page is updated for another reason.
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This template exists to help track useful redirects from foreign-language terms. It is not a license to create redirects for arbitrary terms in any language; generally, foreign-language redirects are considered appropriate only when there is a strong connection between the language and the topic. For example, "Wien" to "Vienna" makes sense since German is the official language of Austria, but "維也納", "ویانا", or "Виена" do not as there is no real connection between the city and Chinese, Western Panjabi, or Macedonian. See Wikipedia:Redirects for discussion/Redirects from foreign languages for details.


Use this rcat template in any namespace.
#REDIRECT [[(target page name)]]

{{R from alternative language}}
This and the following are in accord with instructions found at Wikipedia:REDCAT.
  • Template {{This is a redirect}} may also be used to add this and up to seven appropriate rcats along with their parameters to a redirect.
  • Use this rcat on all redirects from a page title in one language to a title in another language. This rcat should not be used if the redirect and its target are both in the same language.
  • This template takes one optional unnamed parameter, the ISO 639 code of the source language. If the language code is recognized, the redirect goes into a more specific category, e.g. Category:Redirects from French-language terms (provided the category exists); otherwise, the redirect goes into Category:Redirects from non-English-language terms.
Example Suisse:
#REDIRECT [[Switzerland]]

{{R from alternative language|fr}}
Example The Miserable Ones:
#REDIRECT [[Les Misérables]]

{{R from alternative language|2=fr}}


#REDIRECT [[Les Misérables]]

{{R from alternative language|to=fr}}


#REDIRECT [[Les Misérables]]

{{R from alternative language||fr}}
  • All of the above examples work exactly the same way and will sort redirects to Category:Redirects to French-language terms.
  • When these parameters are combined, the redirect will go into two categories, "from" and "to" language terms.
Example Annales des empereurs du japon:
#REDIRECT [[Nihon Ōdai Ichiran]]

{{R from alternative language|fr|2=ja}}


#REDIRECT [[Nihon Ōdai Ichiran]]

{{R from alternative language|fr|to=ja}}


#REDIRECT [[Nihon Ōdai Ichiran]]

{{R from alternative language|fr|ja}}
When the {{Redr}} (shortcut alias for This is a redirect) template is used to tag a redirect, then the |p#= and |n#= parameters would appear as follows:
#REDIRECT [[Nihon Ōdai Ichiran]]

{{Redr|from alternative language|p1=fr|n1=ja}}
  • All of the above examples work exactly the same way and will sort redirects to both Category:Redirects from French-language terms and Category:Redirects to Japanese-language terms.
  • When the redirect and its target differ only in use of diacritics, then use {{R from diacritics}} or {{R to diacritics}} instead.
  • When the "en" English-language code is used with either the 2= or the to= parameter, only the redirect's text will show that the targeted title's language is English. It will not categorize the redirect. For example, see Кагыргын.
  • It is important to note that if a language code is not recognized, or if it is recognized but has no specific category assigned to it, then the language will not appear in the text, nor will it be able to sort the redirect into a specific category.


  • Also known as... – list of templates that redirect here and may also be used


  • In main-article namespace, only the redirects from English-language terms are automatically sorted to the Printworthy redirects category. All other alternative-language redirects must be manually sorted. Many redirects from languages other than the target titles are considered unprintworthy; however, there are many others that are printworthy, so except as noted above there is no default sort for printworthiness. At some point in the future, Jimmy Wales wants to make more printed versions of Wikipedia encyclopedia articles. Some rcats automatically populate either Category:Printworthy redirects or Category:Unprintworthy redirects by default. Others, like this rcat, usually do not, and that means it is very often up to editors to choose which of those categories, Printworthy or Unprintworthy, is appropriate and should be populated. The rcats that are used separately to populate those categories are:
Please click on each one for more details and guidance.
{{Redr|from alternative language|printworthy}}
{{Redr|from alternative language|unprintworthy}}
Either {{This is a redirect}} or its alias/shortcut, {{Redr}}, may be used.

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