The Name of Mary Church

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The Name of Mary Church

The Name of Mary Church (Serbian and Croatian: Crkva imena Marijinog, German: Kirche Maria Namen, Hungarian: Mária Neve katolikus templom) is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to the feast of Holy Name of Mary. It is in the capital of Serbian province of Vojvodina, Novi Sad. Locals refer to it as the "Catholic cathedral", or just "cathedral", even though the actual cathedral (bishop's seat) is located in Subotica.

The church was built on the foundation of an old Roman Catholic church, which was damaged during Revolution of 1848. This church was not restored correctly, so Catholics from Novi Sad decided to build a new church. It was finished in the end of the 19th century, in 1895 by architect Georg Molnar. The church is a three-nave building, with gothic arches. The altar is made of carved wood from Tyrol, the windows with stained glass from Budapest and the roof tiles were made of Zsolnay ceramics. It is the tallest church in Bačka region and dominates the city center of Novi Sad.

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Coordinates: 45°15′20″N 19°50′44″E / 45.255632°N 19.845654°E / 45.255632; 19.845654