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Top Chef: Seattle
Top Chef Seattle Logo.png
Country of origin United States
Original channel Bravo
Original run

November 7, 2012 (2012-11-07) – February 27, 2013 (2013-02-27)

Additional information
No. of contestants 24
Winner Kristen Kish
Season chronology
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Season 9

Top Chef: Seattle was the tenth season of the American reality television series Top Chef, which aired on Bravo. The season was announced on September 19, 2012, and premiered on November 7, 2012. The competition was initially filmed in Seattle, Washington before moving to Juneau, Alaska for 3 episodes, and then concluding in Los Angeles, California. 21 new contestants and 3 Top Chef veterans were selected to compete for the title of "Top Chef" and the $125,000 grand prize.[1]

Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen, the web series introduced in the previous season which puts the eliminated contestants against each other in head-to-head challenges to battle for a chance to re-enter the main competition, also returned.[2] The winner continued to compete in the season finale.[3] In addition, viewers could vote each week for chefs eliminated from the Last Chance Kitchen to move on in the "Save a Chef" competition. The winner of the final vote was "saved", and earned a spot in the final round of the Last Chance Kitchen.[3]



The cast of the tenth season of Top Chef initially consisted of 21 contestants.[2] After the qualifying challenges in the first episode, the pool of chefs was narrowed down to 15. Former Top Chef competitors Josie Smith-Malave (Top Chef: Los Angeles), Chris "C.J." Jacobsen (Top Chef: Miami), and Stefan Richter (Top Chef: New York) later joined the competition during the second episode.

Eliminated in Qualifying Rounds[edit]

Top 18[edit]

In order of elimination:

Contestant Progress[edit]

Contestant 21 3 4 55 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Josie John Bart
Brooke Kristen Micah Micah Brooke N/A Stefan3 Sheldon3 Sheldon3 Brooke3 N/A N/A
Danyele IN IN (-) IN IN LOW OUT
Eliza IN IN (+) IN IN OUT
Chrissy IN IN (-) OUT
Kuniko WIN OUT
Jeffrey OUT

^Note 1 : Due to the qualifying rounds, the show did not use its traditional elimination format until the second episode.
^Note 2 : Former contestants CJ, Josie, and Stefan entered the competition after the Quickfire Challenge.
^Note 3 : The chef did not receive immunity.
^Note 4 : The judges cited Josie's dish as the biggest contributor to her team's loss. However, she remained safe due to her immunity won in the Quickfire challenge.
^Note 5 : Due to the poor quality of the dishes served in the Elimination Challenge, no winner was declared.
^Note 6 : Kristen won Last Chance Kitchen, and returned to the competition.

     (WINNER) The chef won the season and was crowned Top Chef.
     (RUNNER-UP) The chef was the runner-up for the season.
     (WIN) The chef won that episode's Elimination Challenge.
     (HIGH) The chef was selected as one of the top entries in the Elimination Challenge, but did not win.
     (LOW) The chef was selected as one of the bottom entries in the Elimination Challenge, but was not eliminated.
     (OUT) The chef lost that week's Elimination Challenge and was out of the competition.
     (IN) The chef was not selected as one of the top or bottom entries in the Elimination Challenge.
     IN (+) The chef was on the winning team in the Elimination Challenge, but was not selected as one of the judges' favorites.
     IN (-) The chef was on the losing team in the Elimination Challenge, but was not selected as one of the judges' least favorites.


The majority of Top Chef episodes consist of two challenges. The Quickfire Challenge is a short, simple challenge designed to test the chefs on their basic culinary skills. In the initial episodes of the season, the Quickfire usually guarantees the winner immunity from being sent home; however, in some episodes, the Quickfire winner is instead given an advantage in the upcoming Elimination Challenge. The winner of the Quickfire is sometimes given an additional reward, including cash prizes. The Elimination Challenge is a more complex challenge created to test the versatility, creativity, and teamwork ability of the chefs. The judges evaluate both the Quickfire and Elimination challenges and announce each week's elimination in a segment called the "Judges' Table". One or more contestants are eliminated in each episode until the finale where one chef is crowned the "Top Chef".[4]

Episode 1: The Ultimate Chef Test[edit]

  • Qualifying Challenge: The 21 chefs were separated into four groups and sent to the restaurants of judges Tom Colicchio, Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck, and Hugh Acheson. The judges devised their own challenges to evaluate the potential contestants and selected which chefs would compete for the Top Chef title in Seattle.
    • Group 1: In Los Angeles, Tom Colicchio challenged Anthony, John, Jorel, Lizzie, and Micah to work on the line in his restaurant. Each chef was given a specific task to complete.
      • ELIMINATED: Anthony and Jorel
    • Group 2: In Las Vegas, Emeril Lagasse challenged Jeffrey, Joshua, Kristen, Stephanie, and Tina to make soup in one hour.
      • ELIMINATED: Stephanie and Tina
    • Group 3: In Beverly Hills, Wolfgang Puck challenged Carla, Chrissy, Daniel, Eliza, Kuniko, and Tyler to create an omelette in 45 minutes.
      • ELIMINATED: Daniel
    • Group 4: In Atlanta, Hugh Acheson challenged Bart, Brooke, Danyele, Gina, and Sheldon to prepare a salad in 45 minutes.
      • ELIMINATED: Gina
  • Original Airdate: November 7, 2012

Episode 2: A Shock at the Space Needle[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: The chefs separated themselves into teams of three and had to create a dish that highlighted the local shellfish. The winning team drew knives to determine which individual would receive immunity.
    • Top: John, Kuniko, Sheldon
    • Bottom: Danyele, Eliza, Joshua
    • WINNERS: John, Kuniko, and Sheldon (Geoduck Sashimi with Ponzu, Apple, and Cucumber)
  • Elimination Challenge: Using the same teams from the Quickfire, the chefs traveled to the Space Needle to make a dish using regional ingredients.
    • Red Team: CJ, Josie, Stefan
    • Orange Team: Carla, Chrissy, Lizzie
    • Yellow Team: Danyele, Eliza, Joshua
    • Green Team: Kristen, Micah, Tyler
    • Blue Team: John, Kuniko, Sheldon
    • Gray Team: Bart, Brooke, Jeffrey
      • WINNER: Kuniko (Chili Oil Poached Cod with Dashi, and Spot Prawn Shabu Shabu)
      • ELIMINATED: Jeffrey (Pan Roasted Halibut with Mushrooms, English Peas, Wheat Beer, and Herb Sabayon)
  • Guest Judges: Chris "C.J." Jacobsen, Josie Smith-Malave, Stefan Richter (Quickfire Challenge; later joined the competition), Tom Douglas (Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: November 14, 2012

Episode 3: Tom vs. Emeril: Turkeypocalypse[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: The chefs were tasked with creating international dumplings, inspired by whatever country they took on a map; they had 5 minutes on an Amazon Kindle Fire to look up whatever they needed to know about their type of dumpling.
    • Top: Josie, Micah, Stefan
    • Bottom: Brooke, Carla, Kuniko
      • WINNER: Josie (Mandu - Pork, Tofu, and Shiitake Mushroom Filling)
  • Elimination Challenge: The chefs worked in two teams, lead by Tom Colicchio (Red) and Emeril Lagasse (Gray), to cook a Thanksgiving meal to benefit FareStart.
    • Red Team: Bart, Carla, CJ, Eliza, Joshua, Lizzie, Micah, Stefan
    • Gray Team: Brooke, Chrissy, Danyele, John, Josie, Kristen, Kuniko, Sheldon, Tyler
      • WINNER: Carla (Carrot Soup with Turkey Meatballs)
      • ELIMINATED: Kuniko (Potato Pavé)
  • Guest Judges: Dana Cowin (Quickfire and Elimination Challenge), Thierry Rautureau, Megan Karch (Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: November 21, 2012

Episode 4: '50s Food Flashback[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: The chefs were asked to butcher a part of a whole piece of beef and cook a dish with that cut.
    • Top: CJ, John, Joshua
    • Bottom: Eliza, Lizzie, Tyler
      • WINNER: John (Braised Oxtails and Potato Gnocchi with Roasted Vegetables and Celery)
  • Elimination Challenge: The chefs were tasked with recreating dishes from a classic 1950's menu from the restaurant Canlis. The winner received $10,000.
    • WINNER: Kristen (Dry-Roasted Sautéed Mushrooms with Crispy-Fried Shallots)
    • ELIMINATED: Chrissy (Canlis' Special Salad) and Carla (Whole Milk-Fed Squab)
  • Guest Judges: Naomi Pomeroy (Quickfire and Elimination Challenge), Mark and Brian Canlis (Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: November 28, 2012

Episode 5: Pike Place Pickle[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: The chefs were tasked with pairing up and creating a breakfast on a stick for 50 people at Pike Place Market.
    • Top: Bart, John, Joshua, Sheldon
    • Bottom: Danyele, Eliza, Josie, Lizzie
      • WINNERS: Bart and Sheldon (Green Forest Breakfast Sandwich: Eggs, Cheese, Pancetta, Bacon and Spinach)
  • Elimination Challenge: The same teams were kept for the Elimination Challenge. The chefs were asked to create a dish, by drawing knives, to feature an ingredient created by the vendors at Pike Place Market. The winners would have received $10,000; however, due to the poor quality of the meal, the reward was pulled off the table.
  • Bart and Sheldon: Salmon Candy
  • Danyele and Lizzie: Coconut Curry Chocolate
  • John and Joshua: Truffled Popcorn
  • Eliza and Josie: Cardamom Bitters
  • Brooke and Stefan: Rose Petal Jelly
  • CJ and Tyler: Spicy Dill Pickles
  • Kristen and Micah: Cheese Curds
    • ELIMINATED: CJ and Tyler (Pork Crumpet Burger with Fried Spicy Dill Pickles)
  • Guest Judges: Daisley Gordon (Quickfire and Elimination Challenge), Various creators of ingredients (Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: December 5, 2012

Episode 6: Even the Famous Come Home[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: The chefs were asked to cook a holiday-themed sweet and savory dish that reminds them of their heritage using Truvia baking blend sugar. However, there was only one knife available for all the chefs; those who needed to use it were forced to either share it or improvise using other tools or methods.
    • Top: Brooke, Joshua, Stefan
    • Bottom: Bart, Micah
      • WINNER: Brooke (Apple Crostata with Cheddar Cheese, Candied Pine Nuts and Apple Salad)
  • Elimination Challenge: The chefs were tasked to cater a homecoming party for actors Anna Faris and Chris Pratt, along with their families and friends. The winner received a Toyota Prius c.
    • WINNER: Brooke (Lamb-Stuffed Squid on Black Rice with Coconut Milk)
    • ELIMINATED: Eliza (Elk Ribeye with Elk Sausage Polenta, Spiced Carrots and Huckleberry Port Sauce)
  • Guest Judges: Marilyn Hagerty (Quickfire Challenge), Anna Faris, Chris Pratt, Rick Moonen (Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: December 12, 2012

Episode 7: Foiled Again[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: All ingredients in the Top Chef pantry were completely wrapped in Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil. The chefs had 30 minutes to make whatever they wanted, with the limitation that each chef must incorporate any ingredient he or she unwrapped. In addition, all pots, pans, and bowls were off-limits; only the aluminum foil could be used as a cooking vessel.
    • Top: Danyele, Kristen, Sheldon
    • Bottom: Brooke, Joshua, Micah
      • WINNER: Kristen (Almond and Chocolate Sponge Cake)
  • Elimination Challenge: The chefs paired up and competed against each other to make dishes that featured berries from Remlinger's Farm. As the winner of the Quickfire Challenge, Kristen cooked by herself. The dishes were served to 150 guests, who voted which contestant had the better dish in each head-to-head battle. The winner received $10,000. The winner of each pair are italized:
  • Danyele vs. Joshua: Blueberries
  • Bart vs. Brooke: Blackberries
  • Stefan vs. John: Gooseberries
  • Josie vs. Lizzie: Raspberries
  • Micah vs. Sheldon: Strawberries
  • Kristen: Tayberries
    • WINNER: Kristen (Matcha Goat Milk Custard with Macerated Tayberries)
    • ELIMINATED: Danyele (Chicken Pine Nut Terrine with Blueberry Mostarda)
  • Guest Judge: Stephanie Izard (Quickfire and Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: December 19, 2012

Episode 8: Jalapeño Business[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: The chefs were challenged to make either a hot or cold preparation of oysters that they had harvested themselves from local oyster beds in Bow, Washington. The winner received $5,000.
    • Top: Brooke, Lizzie, Micah
    • Bottom: Bart, John, Josie
      • WINNER: Micah (Crispy Fried Oysters with Arugula Salad, Hot Sauce, and Lemon)
  • Elimination Challenge: In teams of two, the chefs had to cater an after-game party for Seattle roller derby team, the Rat City Rollergirls. The dishes each team cooked were inspired by the name of one of the rollergirls.
  • Josie and Bart: Teriyaki Terror
  • John and Brooke: Kutta Rump
  • Lizzie and Micah: Jalapeño Business
  • Kristen and Stefan: Eddie Shredder
  • Joshua and Sheldon: Tempura Tantrum
    • WINNERS: Brooke and John (Thai Beef with Lobster Jasmine Rice and Thai Slaw)
    • ELIMINATED: Bart (Steak Teriyaki with Forbidden Rice, Beet Blood, and Green Papaya Salad)
  • Guest Judges: Rat City Rollergirls (Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: December 26, 2012

Episode 9: Past Suppers[edit]

Quickfire Challenge: The chefs were tested on their knife skills. Beginning in three teams of three, the contestants had to sharpen dull knives enough to cut cleanly through paper. The two teams to finish the fastest advanced to the next round preparing 50 potatoes using the Tourné cutting method. The members of the winning team continued to the final round, competing against each other to break down the rack of two rabbits. A chef cutting themselves was treated as an automatic disqualification. The winner received a custom chef's knife from master bladesmith Bob Kramer, worth roughly $4,000, and immunity from elimination.

  • WINNER: Micah

Elimination Challenge: Each chef was tasked with cooking a dish inspired by a memorable moment from a previous season of Top Chef, but had to prepare a healthier version than the original. The winner received $15,000, and their dish would be used as inspiration for a new Top Chef Healthy Choice frozen entrée. In a surprise twist, the bottom two contestants competed head-to-head based on a memorable moment from this season: CJ's elimination in Episode 5.

  • Season 1: Josie- Dave saying to Tiffani "I'm Not Your Bitch, Bitch" after Restaurant Wars.
  • Season 2: Stefan - Marcel and Betty's fight during the TGI Fridays challenge.
  • Season 3: John - Howie referencing Anthony Bourdain's book at judge's table after failing to plate part of his dish.
  • Season 4: Sheldon - The fight in the stew room with Spike, Antonia, Jennifer, Dale, & Lisa after Zoi's departure.
  • Season 5: Lizzie - Jamie making the same scallop dish from a previous episode and Fabio saying "It's Top Chef, not Top Scallop"
  • Season 6: Joshua - The chefs cooking for 300 airmen at an Air Force base.
  • Season 7: Brooke - Alex winning a challenge for a dish with pea puree after Ed mysteriously lost his.
  • Season 8: Kristen - Carla's excitement over getting to make Chicken Pot Pie on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
  • Season 9: Micah - Beverly and Heather's fight at judge's table.
    • WINNER: Kristen (Poached Chicken Breast, Carrot Purée, with Garlic and Tofu Emulsion)
    • ELIMINATED: John (Umami Risotto with Chicken, Salmon Roe, Burdock Root, and Carrot Emulsion; Lamb Burger with Fried Egg and Spicy Pickle, Tomato, and Pomegranate Salad)
  • Guest Judges: Bob Kramer (Quickfire Challenge), Chris Cosentino, Wylie Dufresne, Jonathan Waxman (Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: January 2, 2013

Episode 10: Battle Before the War[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: The chefs had 15 minutes to prepare a dish containing ginger. The winner received immunity from elimination.
    • Top: Brooke, Lizzie, Stefan
    • Bottom: Joshua, Sheldon
      • WINNER: Brooke (Ginger-Caramel Squid with Fresh Lime and Chili Powder)
  • Elimination Challenge: The chefs created a restaurant concept, and presented their concept via a representative dish at the Taste of Seattle Food Festival. The two winning chefs each received $10,000 and will act as executive chef for their teams during Restaurant Wars in the next episode. The two winners picked their teams from the other remaining contestants, but without knowing the results of the elimination, guaranteeing that one would be handicapped in the following challenge.
    • WINNERS: Kristen (Atelier Kwan - Onsen Egg with Camembert-Mustard Sauce and Buttered Radishes) and Sheldon (Urbano - Sour Tamarind Soup with Pork Belly, Shrimp and Snapper)
    • ELIMINATED: Micah (Raw - Salmon, Snapper, Hamachi, Squid, Scallop and Mackerel with Raw Vegetables)
  • Guest Judge: Danny Meyer (Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: January 9, 2013

Episode 11: Restaurant Wars[edit]

  • Elimination Challenge: The chefs had 48 hours to create a restaurant pop-up based on the winning concepts from the prior episode: Urbano (modern Filipino) and Atelier Kwan (reinterpreted classical French). They set up both the dining area and the kitchen area, and executed a multi-course dinner service. One member from the losing team was eligible for elimination. The winner received a Toyota Avalon.
  • Kilawen: Yellowtail with Cilantro, Spicy Chili & White Soy Sauces
  • Balut: Poached Egg, Duck Confit & Foie Gras Mousse
  • Miki: Prawns, Tapioca Roll with Achiote
  • Adobo: Pork Belly with Mung Bean Puree & Pea Shoots Salad
  • Halo-Halo: Coconut Sorbet, Avocado Mousse, Banana & Shredded Coconut
  • Dark Chocolate with Macadamia Nuts, Ginger & Peppermint Oil
Atelier Kwan
  • Charcuterie: Rabbit, Pickled Turnips & Yellow Beets in Chicken & Rabbit Broth
  • Bouillabaisse: Halibut, Dungeness Crab, Bay Scallops with Shellfish Broth
  • Beef Bourguignon: Braised Short Rib, Garlic Puree, Mushrooms & Carrots
  • Baked Bouberes, St. Agur Blue Cheese, Roasted Radish & Stone Fruit Compote
  • Almond Cake Macaron with Coconut Custard & Caramel Buttercream
  • WINNER: Sheldon
  • ELIMINATED: Kristen
  • Guest Judge: Danny Meyer (Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: January 16, 2013

Episode 12: Wolfgang Clucks[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: The chefs had 30 minutes to create a dish to impress a sushi master. The winner received $5,000.
    • Top: Brooke, Stefan
    • Bottom: Joshua, Lizzie
      • WINNER: Stefan (Yellowtail with Grilled Shiitake and Raw Lobster with Seaweed and Unagi)
  • Elimination Challenge: The chefs had to make a fried chicken dish for a dinner party. The winner received a year's supply of Terlato wine.
    • WINNER: Joshua (Smoked Fried Chicken with Hot Sauce and Blue Cheese)
    • ELIMINATED: Josie (Chicken with Black Garlic, Cayenne, Thyme, and Hot Sauce with Daikon Salad)
  • Guest Judges: Katsuya Uechi (Quickfire Challenge), David Chang, Michelle Bernstein, Jon Shook, Vinny Dotolo (Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: January 23, 2013

Episode 13: Chefs at Sea[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: The competition left Seattle and boarded a cruise ship en route to Juneau, Alaska. The chefs prepared 200 portions of a one-bite appetizer incorporating iceberg lettuce. The winner received an advantage in the following Elimination Challenge.
    • WINNER: Sheldon (Vietnamese Lettuce Wrap with Pork, Shrimp & Pickled Iceberg Hearts)
  • Elimination Challenge: The chefs prepared a creative reinterpretation of a surf and turf. The winner of the Quickfire Challenge was allowed to choose their two proteins first, which became off-limits to the rest of the competitors.
    • WINNER: Brooke (Mussels & Frog Legs with Celery Root & Fennel Purée, Papadums & Shallot Chutney)
    • ELIMINATED: Stefan (Braised Pork Belly with Beer Sauce, Parsnip & Eel Ravioli)
  • Guest Judges: Curtis Stone (Quickfire and Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: January 30, 2013

Episode 14: Kings of Alaska[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: The chefs had 30 minutes to create a dish highlighting Alaskan crab. The winner received $5,000.
    • Top: Brooke, Sheldon
    • Bottom: Joshua, Lizzie
      • WINNER: Sheldon (King Crab, Dungeness Crab "Miso," Pine-Smoked Asparagus & Charred Corn)
  • Elimination Challenge: The chefs had to make a dish using salmon and sourdough bread for the residents of Juneau. The winner received a trip for two to Costa Rica.
    • WINNER: Brooke (Sockeye Salmon & Seafood Broth with Mustard Seed Caviar & Dill Sourdough)
    • ELIMINATED: Lizzie (Citrus & Beet Glazed Salmon Slider with Poppyseed Bun & Pickles)
  • Guest Judge: Sean Brock
  • Original Airdate: February 6, 2013

Episode 15: Glacial Gourmand[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: The chefs prepared a meal for the athletes training for the Iditarod using only the supplies already available at their training camp.
    • WINNER: Brooke (Pan-Roasted Halibut, Panzanella Salad with Red Currant & Beet Vinaigrette)
  • Elimination Challenge: The chefs cooked a dish inspired by their memory of the moment they decided to be a chef.
    • WINNER: Brooke (Braised Chicken, Grilled Quail with Carrot Barley & Pickled Vegetables )
    • ELIMINATED: Josh (Foie Gras Three Ways: Torchon, Pan-Seared & Profiterole)
  • Guest Judge: Roy Choi (Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: February 13, 2013

Episode 16: Finale Part 1[edit]

As a reward for winning Last Chance Kitchen, Kristen re-enters the main competition. In addition, the competition moves to Los Angeles for its final challenges.

  • Elimination Challenge: The remaining chefs were given three hours for each to prepare an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert course to be served that night at Tom Colicchio's Craft restaurant. In addition, the chefs must run the kitchen during the dinner service, expedited by Tom himself, finishing and plating courses to order.
    • WINNER: None announced
    • ELIMINATED: Sheldon (Sashimi Spot Prawns, Court Bouillon, Radish, and Asian Herbs; Roasted Quail, Pine Nut Purée, Garam Masala, and Tangerine; White Chocolate Mousse with Apple and Fennel)
  • Guest Judges: John Besh, Martin Yan (Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: February 20, 2013

Episode 17: Finale Part 2[edit]

  • Final Challenge: Cooking in an Iron Chef-style arena in front of the judges, their friends and families, and all nine previous Top Chef champions, Kristen and Brooke were tasked to each prepare up to five courses of a meal to be served to the judges and audience. Kristen was assisted by Josh, Lizzie, and Sheldon. Brooke was assisted by CJ, Kuniko, and Stefan. Each course would be critiqued head-to-head by the judges, who would immediately vote on a winner for the round. The first chef to win three rounds would be crowned "Top Chef".
    • First Course (No restriction)
      • Brooke: Crispy Pig Ear and Chicory Salad, Six-Minute Egg, Apricot Jam and Candied Kumquats
      • Kristen: Chicken Liver Mousse with Frisée, Mustard, Prune, Hazelnuts and Pumpernickel
      • WINNER: Kristen (1-0)
    • Second Course (Scallops)
      • Brooke: Seared Scallop with Salt Cod Purée, Speck, Black Currant and Mustard Seed Vinaigrette
      • Kristen: Citrus and Lavender Cured Scallop with Bitter Orange, Meyer Lemon and Apple
      • WINNER: Brooke (1-1)
    • Third Course (No restriction)
      • Brooke: Vadouvan Fried Chicken Wing with Sumac Yogurt-Tahini and Pickled Kohlrabi Fattoush
      • Kristen: Celery Root Purée with Bone Marrow, Mushrooms, Bitter Greens and Radishes
      • WINNER: Kristen (2-1)
    • Fourth Course (Red Snapper)
      • Brooke: Braised Pork Cheek and Red Snapper with Collard Green Slaw and Sorrel Purée
      • Kristen: Red Snapper with Leeks, Little Gem Lettuce, Tarragon, Uni and Shellfish Nage
      • WINNER: Kristen (3-1)
  • TOP CHEF: Kristen
  • RUNNER-UP: Brooke
  • Original Airdate: February 27, 2013

Last Chance Kitchen[edit]

The Last Chance Kitchen is a web series featuring challenges (available for viewing on in which the ousted chefs compete for a chance to get back into the competition. Each week, two or more chefs compete against each other in the Top Chef kitchen, with the results judged solely by Tom Colicchio. The winner of each week moves on to face the next eliminated Top Chef contestant(s), while the loser is eliminated from the competition for good. However, the winner of "Save a Chef", a competition in which fans vote to save their favorite chef eliminated from the Last Chance Kitchen, automatically advances to the final round. The champion of the Last Chance Kitchen is allowed to re-enter the main competition and compete for the grand prize.

Last Chance Kitchen Progress[edit]

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Joshua OUT
Stefan OUT
Josie OUT
Micah OUT
John OUT
Bart OUT
Danyele OUT
Eliza OUT
Carla OUT
Chrissy OUT
Jeffrey OUT SAFE
     (WIN) The chef was crowned the winner of Last Chance Kitchen and returned to the main competition.
     (WIN) The chef won that week's Last Chance Kitchen challenge and continued in the competition.
     (OUT) The chef lost that week's Last Chance Kitchen challenge and was eliminated from the competition.
     (SAVED) The chef won the "Save a Chef" vote in the final week, and returned to compete in the Last Chance Kitchen finale.
     (SAFE) The chef won the "Save a Chef" vote that week.

Episode 1: Carla vs. Chrissy vs. Kuniko vs. Jeffrey[edit]

  • Challenge: The chefs were given a chance to redeem themselves by creating a dish incorporating the same ingredients from their eliminated dishes.
    • Carla: Whole Squab with Baked Tomato and Morels
    • Chrissy: Canlis' Special Salad
    • Jeffrey: Pan-Roasted Halibut with Peas and Morels
    • Kuniko: Lemongrass Cream Potato Chowder
      • WINNER: Kuniko

Episode 2: CJ and Tyler vs. Kuniko[edit]

  • Challenge: The chefs were tasked with making a dessert. Because CJ and Tyler were eliminated from the main competition as a team, the two contestants had to work together to create their dish.
    • CJ and Tyler: Hay Ice Cream with Cherry Fritter, Cherries, and Arugula
    • Kuniko: Frozen Bananas with Fruit Compote and Lemon Curd
      • WINNERS: CJ and Tyler

Episode 3: Eliza vs. CJ vs. Tyler[edit]

  • Challenge: The chefs had to create a well-composed dish highlighting pickles and carrots.
    • CJ: Pan-Roasted Rainbow Trout, Carrot Purée, and Charred Pickles
    • Eliza: Brown Butter Carrot Mash, Crusted Scallops, Corn and Pickle Succotash
    • Tyler: Deconstructed Ceviche with Pickles and Carrots
      • WINNER: CJ

Episode 4: Danyele vs. CJ[edit]

  • Challenge: The chefs were required to make a sandwich using lunch meat.
    • CJ: Vietnamese-Inspired Ham and Butter Sandwich with Apple and Radicchio
    • Danyele Oven-Roasted Turkey, Bacon, and Avocado Sandwich with Pickled Onions
      • WINNER: CJ

Episode 5: Bart vs. CJ[edit]

  • Challenge: The chefs had to use chicken breast to create a flavorful dish.
    • Bart: Roasted Chicken with Carrots, Greek Yogurt, Tea-Infused Sauce, and Speculoos Cookies
    • CJ: Marinated Chicken Breast with Mushroom Reduction, Greek Yogurt, and Roasted Lettuces
      • WINNER: CJ

Episode 6: John vs. CJ[edit]

  • Challenge: The chefs were allowed to cook any dish, but were required to use pots and pans bought from a yard sale.
    • CJ: Seared Diver Scallop, Foie Gras Dashi with Mango and Caviar
    • John: Corn Velouté and Succotash with Roasted Lobster and Seared Foie Gras
      • WINNER: CJ

Episode 7: Micah vs. CJ[edit]

  • Challenge: The chefs had to prepare their best tartare.
    • CJ: Beef Heart Tartare with Chili, Pickled Duck Skin, and Tomato Water
    • Micah: Bison Carpaccio and Duck Tartare with Quail Egg Yolk, Pickled Carrots, Chilis, and Arugula
      • WINNER: CJ

Episode 8: Kristen vs. CJ[edit]

  • Challenge: The chefs got to choose an ingredient, a cuisine, and a cooking technique that they had to incorporate in their dishes, as well as a time limit. They decided that they had to prepare a French-inspired snapper dish with a smoked element in 30 minutes.
    • CJ: Brown Butter Snapper with Creamed Morel, Smoked Mashed Potatoes, and Ratatouille
    • Kristen: Bouillabaisse of Snapper, Crème Fraîche, Smoked Butter, Fennel, and Radish
      • WINNER: Kristen

Episode 9: Josie vs. Kristen[edit]

  • Challenge: The chefs had to break down a salmon, portion 10 identical pieces, and create well-composed dishes for Tom and the eliminated contestants.
    • Josie: Fennel Pollen Dusted Salmon with Fennel, Radish, and Tarragon Salad
    • Kristen: Crispy Salmon with Pickled Pineapple, Raisins, Shaved Cauliflower, and Crème Fraîche
      • WINNER: Kristen

Episode 10: Stefan vs. Kristen[edit]

  • Challenge: The chefs cooked dishes using offal.
    • Kristen: Chicken Livers with Garlic and Mustard Caramel, Pickled Fruit, and Herb Salad
    • Stefan: Beuscherl of Innards with Cream Sauce, Bread Galette, Liver, and Parsley Salad
      • WINNER: Kristen

Episode 11: Lizzie vs. Kristen[edit]

  • Challenge: The chefs made a dish over a campfire using Alaskan fish.
    • Kristen: Cod with Coconut Broth, Clam Juice, Lime, Chili-Marinated Tomato, Corn, and Petite Herbs
    • Lizzie: Poached Salmon Stew with Fennel, Leek, Hungarian Paprika, and Sweet Pepper Flakes
      • WINNER: Kristen

Episode 12: Joshua vs. Lizzie vs. Kristen[edit]

  • Challenge: The chefs received the simple challenge of creating a great plate of food.
    • Josh: Venison with Coriander, Brown Sugar and Black Pepper Cure, Kale, and Shaved Carrot
    • Kristen: Semolina Orecchiette with Brown Butter, Pomegranate, Apple, and Fresh Herbs
    • Lizzie: Black Cod in Black Pepper Vinegar, Savoy Cabbage, and Spaetzle
      • WINNER: Kristen


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