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Transporter: The Series
English logo of the show
English logo
Genre Action/Adventure
Created by Luc Besson
Robert Mark Kamen
(The Transporter (film series))
Developed by Alexander Ruemelin
Directed by
Theme music composer Geddy Lee
Alex Lifeson
Opening theme Working Man
Composer(s) Nathaniel Méchaly
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 12 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Brad Turner
Fred Fuchs
Timothy J. Lea
Producer(s) Susan Murdoch
Klaus Zimmermann
Editor(s) Roslyn Kalloo
Stephen Lawrence
Eric Goddard
David B. Thompson
Don Cassidy
Location(s) Germany, Canada, France
Cinematography David Herrington
Stephen Reizes
Camera setup Single-camera
Running time 44-45 minutes
Production company(s) Atlantique Productions
QVF Inc.
Original channel RTL (Germany)
M6 (France)
HBO Canada (Canada)
Super Écran 1 (Canada)
Picture format HDTV
Audio format Surround
First shown in Germany
Original run October 11, 2012 (2012-10-11) – present
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Transporter: The Series is an English-language French-Canadian action-adventure television series, spun off from the Transporter film series created by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen. It is co-produced by the French Atlantique Productions and the Canadian boutique entertainment company QVF Inc. in association with broadcast partners M6 (TV channel), RTL Television, The Movie Network, Movie Central and HBO/Cinemax.[1]

The series follows the events and concept of the film trilogy, continuing adventures of Frank Martin, a professional freelance courier driver for hire who will deliver anything, anywhere – no questions asked – for the right price, and lives by three "unbreakable" rules, which he constantly breaks. Chris Vance takes over the role of Frank from Jason Statham and is joined by Andrea Osvárt, who plays the leading female role in the series,[2] starring as a former CIA agent and love interest for Frank, who organizes his missions, and François Berléand, the only returning actor from the film series, who reprises his role as Inspector Tarconi.[3]

Twelve episodes were ordered for 2012 with an overall budget of $40,000,000, or 30.000.000.[1] The show premiered that year on October 11 in Germany on RTL, and on December 6 in France on M6. The Canadian premiere was on January 4, 2013 on HBO Canada and Super Écran 1 (with the first episode available online from December 18, 2012).[4] The broadcast started in India on 25th January 2013 on Sony PIX channel. TNT Acquires ‘Transporter’ Series For Fall 2014.


Frank Martin is the Transporter. He transports anything, anywhere, for anyone. A former British SAS operative, he is highly trained in driving, combat and survival skills. A man of determination and integrity, he always completes his missions and abides by three very specific rules:

  1. "Never change the deal"
  2. "No names"
  3. "Never open the package"

Whatever happens, Frank always tries to follow the rules. But things do not always go according to plan.


  • Chris Vance as Frank Martin, a professional freelance courier driver for hire. A former SAS and Special Forces operative, Frank rents his "transporter" services without asking any questions, to whoever is willing to pay his price. His code of conduct is very strict, his precision driving and his combat skills allow him to survive the most dangerous criminals throughout his missions. Very secretive, Frank trusts only a handful of people: his agent Carla, his mechanic Dieter, and a French police inspector named Tarconi. But his circle of friends will grow with the arrival of Juliette, a mysterious, sexy woman who's very interested in his work… Be it to deliver a package, or dine with a pretty lady (which happens quite often), Frank is always on time, impeccably dressed.
  • François Berléand as Inspector Tarconi, Frank's reluctant police officer friend. Stationed in Nice, Tarconi has in the past investigated Frank. Now friends, Tarconi takes care of his house in Cap Roux when Frank's on a mission. Frank turns to him when he needs an official police intervention, but always in a way that Tarconi can deny any involvement with the Transporter. He maintains his status as an officer of the law but allows Frank to bend the rules somewhat... Simply because he trusts him and knows that in the end, Frank will always make the right choice.
  • Andrea Osvárt as Carla Valeri, a former CIA agent and now one of Frank's closest allies. A beautiful computer expert, she takes care of Frank's missions by negotiating with clients and providing him with all the information he needs, however urgent, from her office in Nice.
  • Delphine Chanéac as Juliette Dubois, a DCRI agent investigating the Transporter network sprawling across Europe, while posing as Frank's beautiful and romantic neighbor. She's an intelligent woman torn between her sense of duty and her growing attraction for Frank. Earlier on in the project, the character was a reporter named Olivia.[3]
  • Charly Hübner as Dieter Hausmann, a technology expert who helps Frank with his car. He is Frank's confidant and an unparalleled mechanic who repairs and modifies his Audi at will. Whether Frank needs special tires, suspensions or fake plates, Dieter is always there when Frank needs him. But he also has his own problems... most often linked to his sentimental life.[5]


The pilot was directed by long-time Lost director Stephen Williams.[3] Other directors working on the show include Bruce McDonald (Degrassi: The Next Generation, Queer as Folk) and Andy Mikita, known for working on several shows including Stargate Universe and SyFy's Sanctuary. The only writer who has been confirmed so far is Carl Binder, also a Stargate Universe alumnus.

Originally Canadian TV veterans Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie known for their work on Stargate Universe served as show runners, and co-wrote the pilot. According to The Hollywood Reporter they were replaced after two episodes by British director Steve Shill (Dexter, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Tudors) and Canadian veteran supervising producer Karen Wookey (Andromeda, Mutant X).[6] However, Shill left the project in January 2012 without an immediate successor in place.[7]

Shooting locations included Paris, Berlin, and Nice, however the majority of the filming was done in Toronto.[8] In October 2011, filming on the series was halted after Chris Vance was injured in an on-set accident. The remaining scenes were supposed to be shot in Toronto during the spring of 2012.[7] The show was shot with Arri Alexa, Canon C300 and GoPro cameras.[9]


The series started airing out-of-order on RTL in Germany on October 11, 2012 at a pace of one weekly episode in prime time on Thursdays with a TV-12 rating.[10] The show's run in the country concluded on December 20, leaving two episodes unaired.

In France the show started on December 6, 2012 on M6, also in prime time on Thursdays, but with a TV-10 rating and at an initial pace of three episodes per night for two weeks, followed by a "two new episodes plus one rerun" per night pace after a week-long hiatus, and concluded on January 10, 2013. Viewers were given the choice between watching the show in dubbed French or in its original English with optional subtitles, thanks to M6's dual audio streams.

Transporter started airing on HBO Canada and Super Écran 1 (in dubbed French) on January 4, 2013 with a special two hour premiere comprising the episodes Trojan Horsepower and Payback, after which one episode will be broadcast weekly, Fridays at 9 PM. Prior to that, the episode Trojan Horsepower was available to watch for free on HBO Canada's website and various Canadians streaming services starting December 18, 2012.[4]

The show started airing in Norway, January 1, 2013 on TV 2 Zebra.

In the Middle East the show started on March 12, 2013 on FX.

In Turkey the show started on June 14, 2013 on Atv

Cinemax were due to screen the series in July, but at the Television Critics Association 2013, during HBO's session, it was confirmed they will now not air the series.

In Portugal, the show started on September 11, 2013 on MOV, broadcasting Trojan Horsepower (thus, using the Canadian order for the episodes).

In the Netherlands, RTL 5 started broadcasting the series on January 2, 2014.

In New Zealand, the show started on June 13, 2014 on The Box on SKY TV (New Zealand).

In Spain, the show started on July 7, 2014 on Antena 3

Episode order & Alternate versions[edit]

Confusingly, RTL in Germany, M6 in France and HBO Canada/Super Écran 1 in Canada all have or plan to air the series in a different episode order, reflected in the following chart.

Episode Canadian / Dutch order French order German order
The General's Daughter 3 1 1
Trojan Horsepower 1 2 7
Harvest 4 3 2
Dead Drop 5 4 4
Sharks 8 5 6
12 Hours 11 6 12
City of Love 9 7 9
Switch 10 8 3
Hot Ice 6 9 8
Give the Guy a Hand 7 10 11
Cherchez La Femme 12 11 10
Payback 2 12 5

It is unclear at this point what the "proper", intended order for the episodes is. Based on the chronology of events, the Canadian release most likely carries the correct order of episodes. This is further supported by the fact that Flemish channel 2BE and Dutch channel RTL 5 also air the episodes according to the Canadian order.[11] The German home video release presents the episodes as they were broadcast on RTL, adding the two unaired episodes (Give the Guy a Hand and 12 Hours) as episodes 11 and 12 respectively. It is unknown what order the forthcoming French and potential North American home video releases will reflect. It is however certain that unlike other shows, production order should not be followed, as Trojan Horsepower was the last episode to be shot yet features the first meeting between Frank and Juliette, two characters who interact in other episodes, and is also the episode where Frank first sees the red Audi R8 which appears in most later episodes. Trojan Horsepower served as the pilot episode in Canada, the second episode in France and the seventh in Germany. Those two countries both used The General's Daughter as the pilot episode, which had in fact been announced in the media as the pilot when production started.

In addition, at least some episodes reportedly have three different edits depending on the country of broadcast.[12]

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD & Blu-ray release date
Region 2
Season premiere Season finale Germany France
1 12 October 11, 2012 (2012-10-11) January 3, 2013 (2013-01-03) December 21, 2012 (2012-12-21) January 23, 2013 (2013-01-23)

Season 2 is being filmed as of summer 2014, only Chris Vance as Martin and Andrea Osvárt as Carla have been confirmed to return. This season most likely will be entirely based in the USA.


The series as so far been presented in a different episode order on every channel it has aired (see above). It first aired in Germany, however channel RTL left two episodes unaired. Therefore the episodes are presented here in the order they are being broadcast in France on M6. HBO Canada has also started to air the show in another order entirely.

No. Title Directed by Written by German air date French air date Canadian air date Production code Viewers/Share (France)
1 "The General's Daughter"
"Eine Neue Mission!"
"Protection Rapprochée
Stephen Williams Alexander Ruemelin, Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie October 11, 2012 December 6, 2012 January 11, 2013 3,820,000 (14.1%)[13]
After completing an eventful drop in Marseille, Frank is sent to Berlin, where he is assigned to transport Delia Weigert (Rachel Skarsten), a rich young socialite, to a safe house. Her father, a former influential general in the army (Barry Flatman), has sold off some of his insider military knowledge and Delia is now in grave danger with a German crime lord (Uwe Ochsenknecht) threatening to kidnap her. With the enemy closing in, Frank must get Delia on a flight back to America, but a sudden betrayal places Delia in deadly jeopardy, and Frank must use all his skills to save her.
2 "Trojan Horsepower"
"Tod dem Fortschritt!"
Brad Turner Story by: Mahin Choudhary & David Kashyap
Screenplay by: Steve Lightfoot
November 29, 2012 December 6, 2012 January 4, 2013 112 3,100,000 (13.3%)[13]
In Nice, after participating in a prison escape that unfolds in a similar way as the opening scene of the first film, Frank meets Juliette for the first time. Later, Dieter introduces him to his friend Trina, who hires him to deliver a new eco-friendly engine prototype invented by her father on time to the Paris Motor Show. With Trina as his passenger, Frank races towards Paris, but a dangerous hitman, nicknamed "The Wolf", has been hired by automotive and fuel lobbies to eliminate him before he can complete his mission and destroy this major breakthrough. Unfortunately, the prototype, which is installed in Frank's car, emits a GPS signal which does not turn off, enabling The Wolf to easily track Frank and cling to his heels...
3 "Harvest"
"À Cœur Ouvert
Andy Mikita & Brad Turner Carl Binder October 18, 2012 December 6, 2012 January 18, 2013 2,200,000 (15.7%)[13]
While transporting a package, Frank notices the police are on his trail. Ignoring his rules, he opens the package and finds a stolen heart in a cooler, meant for transplantation in a hospital. Frank faces a dilemma when he figures out that his client, Sujic Drago (Mike Dopud), one of the most powerful crime lords in southern France, stole the heart to save his own son, who suffers from a congenital heart defect, and when Inspector Tarconi informs him that another dying boy is waiting at the hospital for the heart. Should he honor his commitment and deliver the package or return it to its initial beneficiary?
4 "Dead Drop"
"Plan B"
"À L'Aveugle
T.J. Scott Story by: Benjamin Sokolowski
Screenplay by: Carl Binder & Steve Bailie
November 1, 2012 December 13, 2012 January 25, 2013 3,440,000 (12.9%)[14]
On a mission in Philadelphia, Frank finds out his package is Jack Perkins, his old C.I.A. instructor. The blind man is trying to prove his innocence, while an agency mole is attempting to frame him for leaking confidential information and getting fellow agents unmasked. To save his and his client's lives, Frank has only one solution: find a USB key containing evidence that can clear Jack's name and reveal the real mole's identity...
5 "Sharks"
"Große Haie und Kleine Fische"
Bruce McDonald Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie November 15, 2012 December 13, 2012 February 15, 2013 2,830,000 (12.6%)[14]
Frank must transport a million euros from Paris to Marseille while racing against two other elite runners each with the same package and destination. The client whose transporter wins will gain an important missile contract. Word of the race has reached two gangs that decide to try and rob the money but Frank, who needs to prove he's the one and only worthwhile transporter on the market, doesn't intend to let himself be swindled... The task is further complicated by a mysterious hitchhiker, who can not be shaken off and wants to know everything about Frank. Frank manages to end up as the lone transporter to finish the race, but victory is bittersweet, due to the loss of an old friend, who was one of the other two transporters in contention.
6 "12 Hours"
"Wettlauf Gegen die Zeit"
"12 Heures Pour Survivre
Bruce McDonald & Brad Turner Carl Binder N/A December 13, 2012 March 8, 2013 2,060,000 (16.1%)[14]
Frank has twelve hours to transport a stolen microchip, meant for the development of advanced weaponry, before the rigged package kills him. In a race against time, Frank must find a way to force the client to neutralize the deadly device.
7 "City of Love"
"Die Letzten Stunden von Paris"
"Une Bombe dans Paris
Brad Turner & Andy Mikita Alexander Ruemelin December 13, 2012 December 27, 2012 February 22, 2013 3,091,000 (12.2%)[15]
Frank is hired to bring a package from the south of France to Paris, which alerts the dogs at a vehicle checkpoint. After being chased by the police and reaching the agreed transfer point, he realizes the package he's delivered is a bomb meant for a planned terrorist attack on the French capital. Frank must rush to find and stop Gassam (RJ Parrish), the gang leader who'll stop at nothing to avenge his brother, accidentally killed during an identity check. After an electric first encounter, Frank can count on Mauga (Athena Karkanis), Gassam's sister, who wants to stop her brother from committing the irreparable while Carla uses her old connections with the French secret service to protect him. The hunt for the bomb begins.
8 "Switch"
"Echt Falsch"
Andy Mikita Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie October 25, 2012 December 27, 2012 March 1, 2013 3,000,000 (12.9%)[15]
Frank is to pick up a valuable painting from a gallery and bring it to a rich psychopath art collector. There is a wild chase during the transfer and a young woman threatens him with a gun and claims that the painting is hers. Fortunately, at this moment the police appears and Frank seizes the opportunity to wriggle out of the situation. But when he delivers the painting to art collector Max Khyber (Hannes Jaenicke), it turns out that it is a fake. Khyber feels betrayed and suspects Frank of stealing the original. He holds Frank prisoner on his property and sends in a dominatrix, Lara, to get him to talk, but Frank manages to free himself and goes in search of the original with the young woman who claims ownership.
9 "Hot Ice"
"Diamants de Sang
Brad Turner Steve Bailie December 6, 2012 January 3, 2013 February 1, 2013 3,209,000 (11.8%)[16]
In Toronto, Frank is asked to pick up a package containing a data stick holding sensitive content implicating a senior industrialist in the African blood diamond trade from a high-security bank vault and bring it to a specific address. Immediately upon leaving the hall he is attacked by a hit squad posing as security guards and finds himself locked inside the building. To make matters worse, an attractive woman security officer (Katheryn Winnick) falsely accuses him of being responsible for the death of her colleague, who was caught in the firefight and in order to prevent Frank's escape, she handcuffs him to herself - difficult conditions when you have a hit squad on your tail...
10 "Give the Guy a Hand"
"Im Namen der Ehre"
"La Main Invisible
George Mihalka Katie Ford N/A January 3, 2013 February 8, 2013 3,200,000 (12.8%)[16]
As he's waiting for his package to be delivered in a Toronto parking lot, Frank finds himself faced with a series of strange coincidences. He understands he fell into a trap when the police throw him in jail, accusing him of a crime he didn't commit. His imprisonment is supposed to allow to get a very protected package out of the prison walls: the hand of a mob boss who's just been murdered...
11 "Cherchez La Femme"
"Double Jeu"
Brad Turner Steve Lightfoot December 20, 2012 January 10, 2013 March 15, 2013 111 2,885,000 (10.9%)[17]
Jet (Chelsea Hobbs), rebellious, young, internationally known and antisocial hacker is Frank's latest package. He delivers her to a trader who speculated with Mafia money and needs her help to reacquire it in the quickest way possible and get his accounts back in order. However the Mafia isn't the only party interested in the young lady, as Frank finds out once his mission his accomplished and he's faced with a very difficult decision: find the hacker again or Carla, who's just been kidnapped, will be killed. Frank discovers that the hacker, who's being accused of spying, actually found evidence of corruption in the DCRI with her best friend, who is now dead in their apartment. Frank enlists Tarconi and Juliette to help him save Carla and the young hacker. But the DCRI proves itself to be a tough adversary...
12 "Payback"
"Frères d'Armes
Brad Turner & Bruce McDonald Story by: Alexander Ruemelin, Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
Screenplay by: Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
November 8, 2012 January 10, 2013 January 4, 2013 2,650,000 (11.3%)[17]
Frank's latest job goes completely wrong: he loses his package of drugs in a holdup and is accused by his Russian gangster employer of having embezzled the money. To prove his innocence, Frank embarks on a search for the real culprits and through fancy hotels and rundown buildings the trail leads him to old friends from his SAS unit. The soldiers were attempting to settle a score from the past, by using him as a scapegoat while enriching themselves in the process. But when both they and Frank find themselves in danger from the Russian mobster who's out for blood, they must reconcile and fight side by side - just like old times.


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