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US Highway 175 marker

US Highway 175
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length: 111.0 mi[1] (178.6 km)
Existed: 1932 – present
Major junctions
West end: I-45 in Dallas
East end: US 69 in Jacksonville
Highway system
US 164 US 180

U.S. Highway 175 is an east-west United States highway, its span completely within the state of Texas. It comes very close to meeting its "parent", US 75, but decommissioning and rerouting in downtown Dallas, Texas bring it a couple of miles short. Before the decommissioning of US 75 south of downtown Dallas in favor of Interstate 45, US 175 met its "parent" US 75. US 175's western terminus is in Dallas, Texas at Interstate 45. The highway's eastern terminus is in Jacksonville, Texas at an intersection with US 69.

Route description[edit]

Newly twinned westbound lane of U.S. 175 near Eustace TX photographed January 2010.

US 175 begins south of Downtown Dallas at an interchange with I-45 south of I-30, South Central Expressway (Dallas), and Good-Latimer Expressway. The highway heads towards the southeast as a freeway carrying the dual monikers of South Central Expressway and S.M. Wright Freeway (the latter named for a local minister and community leader in South Dallas).

At an interchange with SH 310 (known locally as Dead Man's Curve), US 175 begins to head to the east (taking the name C.F. Hawn Freeway, named after a Texas Highway commissioner who lived in Athens) while the South Central Expressway and S.M. Wright Freeway names follow SH 310. The freeway continues east along the north edge of Rochester Park until it turns back to the southeast at an interchange at 2nd Avenue (a previous routing of US 175); from this point US 175 maintains a consistent southeasterly direction.

US 175 passes through the Pleasant Grove area of Dallas to an interchange with Loop 12 (N.Buckner Blvd.) and I-20 just southwest of the I-20 and I-635 interchange/split. The highway continues as a freeway past the I-20 interchange and passes through the cities of Seagoville, Crandall and Kaufman. After passing through Kaufman, US 175 is no longer a freeway and continues as a divided highway. The highway bypasses Kemp to the east and passes near the north end of Cedar Creek Reservoir. East of the reservoir, the highway bypasses Mabank and Gun Barrel City and continues southeast into Eustace over a newly reconstructed divided roadway all the way into Athens at Loop 7.

Marker for U.S. Highway 175 east of Kaufman, Texas

In Athens, US 175 passes around the city to the north and east (with Loop 7; multiplexing with parts of TX 19 and TX 31 while bypassing) while the old highway passes through the center as a business route. Outside the city limits the business and bypass sections rejoin, later passing through the cities of Poynor, Frankston and Cuney before reaching Jacksonville, where it reaches its eastern terminus at US 69.[2]

In late 2006, work began on twinning a congested 14.5-mile (23.3 km) segment between Mabank and Athens; the portion from Eustace eastward was completed in 2009 and opened to traffic. The part between the Kaufman County line and Eustace is expected to be open by late December 2010, as an interchange is being constructed at SH 334 and has been completed to serve Gun Barrel City and points west. Future plans call for widening US 175 to four lanes in phases between Baxter, Poynor and Frankston, and between Frankston and Jacksonville; these phases were originally scheduled to have begun construction already but plans have been delayed due to lack of funding.

Due to future Interstate Highway 69 and US Highway 69 intersecting some 60 miles to the south of Jacksonville in Lufkin, US Highway 69 is slated to terminate at US Highway 175 in Jacksonville with US Highway 175 continuing south to Port Arthur in its place as a renumbering of the roadway to eliminate any confusion of the crossing of the two highways.

Junction list[edit]

This route has no mileposts or numbered exits along any part of its length.

County Location Destinations Notes
Dallas Dallas I-45 north to US 75 – McKinney Northbound exit and southbound entrance
West terminus
Central Expressway, Good-Latimer Expressway Northbound exit and southbound entrance
Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard
Pennsylvania Avenue Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
Metropolitan Avenue
Pine Street
Hatcher Street
SH 310 south (Central Expressway) No westbound exit
Bexar Street No eastbound entrance
Railroad Avenue Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
Municipal Street Eastbound exit and entrance
2nd Avenue, Bruton Road
Lake June Road
Frontage Road Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Jim Miller Road Westbound exit is via the Elam Road exit
Elam Road
Loop 12 (Buckner Boulevard)
Frontage Road
St. Augustine Road
Masters Drive
Haymarket Road, Kleberg Road No eastbound entrance
Balch Springs I-20 / I-635 north – Fort Worth
Dallas Silverado Drive
Edd Road
Belt Line Road
Woody Road Westbound exit is via the Stark Road exit
Seagoville Stark Road
Simonds Road, Kimberly Drive
Seagoville Road, Kaufman Street
Hall Street
Malloy Bridge Road
Kaufman FM 1389 – Combine
Crandall FM 741 – Forney
FM 148 – Crandall
County Road
FM 1390
Kaufman FM 2578
Frontage Road
SH 243 – Kaufman, Canton No eastbound entrance
FM 1388 – Oak Grove No eastbound entrance
SH 34 – Kaufman, Ennis No westbound entrance
Frontage Road Freeway ends
FM 2860
US 175 Bus. east – Kemp
FM 1895 (9th Street)

US 175 Bus. south / SH 274 / FM 1391 – Seven Points, Cedar Creek Lake
US 175 Bus. east – Mabank
SH 198 – Gun Barrel City, Canton Interchange
US 175 Bus. west – Mabank
Gun Barrel City SH 334 west – Gun Barrel City Interchange
Eustace FM 316 south – Malakoff West end of FM 316 overlap
FM 316 north – Phalba East end of FM 316 overlap
RM 2329 west
US 175 Bus. east / SH 31 west / Loop 7 west – Athens, Corsicana
Interchange; west end of SH 31/Loop 7 overlap

SH 19 north / Bus. SH 19 south – Canton, Athens
Interchange; west end of SH 19 overlap
FM 1616

SH 31 east / Bus. SH 31 west – Tyler, Athens
Interchange; east end of SH 31 overlap
FM 2495 – Lake Athens Interchange

US 175 Bus. west / SH 19 south / Loop 7 west – Athens, Palestine
Interchange; east end of SH 19/Loop 7 overlap
FM 804 north – Baxter
LaRue FM 607 west / Loop 60 east – LaRue, Brownsboro
RM 2588
FM 607 east / Loop 60 east – LaRue, Brownsboro
Poynor FM 315 – Chandler, Palestine
Anderson Frankston SH 155 (Elm Street) – Tyler, Palestine
FM 1892 – Lake Palestine
Cherokee FM 855 north – Mount Selman
Jacksonville FM 347 (Bolton Street)
US 69 (Jackson Street) – Tyler, Rusk

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