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For the most part, my interests are in creating articles and patrolling new pages; however, I work on other things too. For instance, I keep a fairly close eye on a number of Doctor Who related articles. My first edit was at 17:54, 18 October 2013 (UTC), to the page List of Doctor Who villains. The (very awful) entry on Linx was what prompted me to create this account and start editing.


For a list of my contributions, see Special:Contributions/G S Palmer. For a user analysis, see User Analysis for G S Palmer.

My first edit was to the List of Doctor Who villains. Since then, I have significantly contributed to: Ziapelta, Eastern swamp crayfish, Cucumispora dikerogammari, Gender bias on Wikipedia, List of science fiction horror films, and Steven Sotloff. I reached 500 contributions with this edit, 1,000 contributions with this edit, 5,000 contributions with this edit,[1] and 10,000 contributions with this edit.

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Main article: Pages created by G S Palmer



No current projects.

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Why are you looking at this User Page instead of contributing to Wikipedia? Get out there and do something useful!

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