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12th century Karakhanid mausoleum in Uzgen
12th century Karakhanid mausoleum in Uzgen
Uzgen is located in Kyrgyzstan
Location in Kyrgyzstan
Coordinates: 40°46′N 73°18′E / 40.767°N 73.300°E / 40.767; 73.300Coordinates: 40°46′N 73°18′E / 40.767°N 73.300°E / 40.767; 73.300
Country Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg Kyrgyzstan
Province Osh Province
Population (2009)[1]
 • Total 49,410

Uzgen (also Ozgon or Özgön, Kyrgyz: Өзгөн, Özgön; Russian: Узген) is a town in Osh Province, Kyrgyzstan. It is the capital of Uzgen District. According to 2009 Census the population of Uzgen was 49,410 [1]


Uzgen is located at the far eastern end of the Ferghana Valley, upstream of the point where the Kara-Darya enters the valley. It is 30 miles northeast of Osh, and 20 miles southeast of Jalal-Abad on the banks of the Kara-Darya.


Mirza Abu Bakr Dughlat's unsuccessful attempt to capture Uzgen (from the Baburnama).

The town is mentioned in Chinese annals of the second century BC. It was one of the capitals of the Karakhanids, who called it Mavarannahr and left three well-preserved mausolea.

Famous people born in Uzgen[edit]