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A Stokely-Van Camp factory building in Trenton, New Jersey

Van Camp’s is a brand of canned beans currently owned by ConAgra Foods, Inc. Their products typically consist of beans stewed in a flavored sauce. Van Camp's has for some time been the second-best selling brand of baked beans in the United States, competing with Bush's Baked Beans.

The origin of the brand derives from a company begun in 1861 by Gilbert Van Camp. His son Frank is credited with the development of Van Camp's canned pork and beans recipe in 1894. He went on to found Van Camp Seafood.

The firm is considered to have been a trendsetter in the canned-foods industry, and by 1909 Van Camp’s was the dominant vendor of pork and beans. In 1933 it was acquired by James and John Stokely, who operated the Stokely canned tomato company in Newport, Tennessee, forming Stokely-Van Camp, Inc., with the resultant combined company headquartered in Indianapolis. In the 1970s, Stokely-Van Camp agreed to produce, market and distribute a new beverage called Gatorade. This product was the first sports drink, and would eventually generate more in sales than the rest of SVC's other products combined. [1] In 1983 the brand passed to the Quaker Oats Company when it purchased Stokely-Van Camp. Quaker Oats, in turn, sold off the Stokely brand in 1985 to Seneca Foods, and sold Van Camp's to ConAgra in 1995.

Over the years, a number of foods have been sold under the Van Camp’s name, including its popular Tenderoni pasta product, but as of 2005 it only sells canned cooked beans, including pork and beans, baked beans, butter beans, kidney beans, a vegetarian variant of its pork and bean recipe, and “Beanee Weenee”—a mixture of beans with slices of frankfurter made of beef and chicken in a tomato sauce.

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