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Station statistics
Address Stovner, Oslo
Coordinates 59°58′19″N 10°55′42″E / 59.97194°N 10.92833°E / 59.97194; 10.92833Coordinates: 59°58′19″N 10°55′42″E / 59.97194°N 10.92833°E / 59.97194; 10.92833
Elevation 195.8 m (642 ft)
Line(s) Grorud Line
Distance 15.1 km (9.4 mi) from Stortinget
Structure type Underground
Other information
Opened 21 December 1975
Owned by Sporveien
Operator Sporveien T-banen
Reisekort Yes

Vestli is a subway station on Grorud Line of the Oslo Metro. It is the last station on the line and comes after Stovner. The station is located in the Stovner borough. The station opened 21 December 1975. The station has a small depot for subway carriages beyond the platforms.

The area around Vestli, the northernmost district of Stovner, is primarily residential. Like the station at Stovner, Vestli is located beneath some shops, though not as large as the shopping centre at Stovner.

Østerås Stovner Line 5 terminus Vestli


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