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35739 Volvat stasjon.jpg
Volvat T-Bane Station ca. 1955.
Station statistics
Address Volvat, Oslo
Coordinates 59°55′59″N 10°42′15″E / 59.932925°N 10.704256°E / 59.932925; 10.704256Coordinates: 59°55′59″N 10°42′15″E / 59.932925°N 10.704256°E / 59.932925; 10.704256
Elevation 52.3 m
Line(s) Røa Line
Distance 3.4 km from Stortinget
Structure type Underground
Other information
Opened 1936
Closed 1997

Volvat is a disused rapid transit station on the Oslo T-bane.

The underground station was located between Majorstuen and Borgen, and opened in 1939. The platform length was only large enough to accommodate two cars. When the Røa Line was upgraded to metro standard on 5 February 1995, it started bypassing Volvat. Finally, as of 7 April 1997 the station was taken out of service when the Kolsås Line trains were extended from two to three cars.[1]

The station was named after the owner of the land nearby, pharmacist Harald Condrad Thaulow (1815-1881, who was the father of noted painter Frits Thaulow). He came from a small village in Denmark; Tavlov and simply reversed the letters in his last name.[1]

Moved underground in 1939 to accommodate the traffic flow in Sørkedalsveien, Volvat was the only station on the Østerås and Kolsås lines that was underground.[1]

Remains of a mural at Volvat, August 2011


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