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Rocks and minerals


This WikiProject's goal is to define a standard infobox for using in rock and mineral entries. Eventually, after general agreement, project's focus will change to facilitating the conversion of the existing rock and mineral articles to the agreed upon format discussed in Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Rocks and minerals.

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  • ebe123
  • A.Grace - Amature collector
  • elf
  • Hadal - naturally.
  • I'll start notifying people... Elf 17:46, 4 Feb 2004 (UTC)
  • mav (amateur geologist)
  • Muriel - although with reluctance, due to my geo-job
  • User:Syntax Materials scientist and amateur lapidary
  • User:Ktsquare (Chemist in the making and amateur geologist)
  • Greudin, sporadically.
  • Gaucho, most of the time at the german wikipedia.
  • chd, most of the time at the german wikipedia.
  • Jll, periodically
  • Vsmith 01:40, 7 Oct 2004 (UTC) I have been working on mineral, rock & geology entries. Just found this project. Geologist and chemistry teacher.
  • fiveless Sometimes, when I'm not doing something else on Wikipedia.
  • DanielCD
  • Ballista I enjoy adding geological info to articles and editing geological articles, so I join here, despite lack of time and special expertise.
  • Riffsyphon1024, geology student, also working on geologic formations and planetary geology articles.
  • Ixfd64 - as noted on my user page, geology has always been one of my interests, so count me in! (on hiatus)
  • Afrotrance
  • Belovedfreakand adam really like chicken

General Strategy and Discussion forum[edit]


I based the content of this table on information found in various places:

I based the format in part on the table used for chemical compounds such as:


  • There's much discussion about colors in the infobox discussion. I don't see that, in this topic, more than one color adds any significant or obvious information. (E.g., we could do one for metamorphic rocks, one for sedimentary rocks, etc., but I don't know that it's particularly useful to do so.) Elf
  • The compounds table doesn't have a title with the name of the compound; instead it's listed as a small item under General. I think it's clearer to have the name at the top, as with animals and several other table categories. Elf

Comment history from original location[edit]

Good choice of colour. It really stands out. Is it possible to condense it a bit? Maybe this should be moved to a Project space. mydogategodshat 09:45, 3 Feb 2004 (UTC)

Examples: rock templates[edit]

Here are possible rock infobox templates.

Igneous rock template

Metamorphic rock template

Sedimentary rock template

infobox template

International template below.

Template (international)[edit]

This would be my suggestion. There are two reasons:

  • 1. common characteristics into more details
  • 2. it will be easier if to translate if its the same in all languages, as there are already some in german.

In the german project there are there missing:

I hope the translation is correct. Please have a look at it. For example:

Crystal class: is a classification by Carl Hermann und Charles-Victor Mauguin (Hermann–Mauguin notation) or Arthur Schoenflies (Schoenflies notation).

Gaucho 15:57, 9 Feb 2004 (UTC)

(Discussion moved to talk page. Elf 18:28, 12 Feb 2004 (UTC))

Pages needing attention[edit]

  • July 2014: The entry for Fullers Earth[1] discusses only the cosmetic product. I don't have the expertise to edit this, but perhaps the British Geological Survey article at [2] is a good start if somebody has the time and inclination

Request picture[edit]

Requested articles[edit]


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