World Basketball Association

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World Basketball Association (WBA)
World Basketball Association logo.jpg
Logo WBA
Sport Basketball
Founded 2004
Motto "The next best thing to the NBA"
Country USA
Continent FIBA Americas (Americas)
Most recent champion(s) Anderson Upstate Heat
Most titles Gwinnett Majic (3 Titles)
Official website

The World Basketball Association, often abbreviated to the WBA, was a professional men's spring basketball league in the United States.


The WBA was conceived in 2004, with seven teams scheduled to play. One of these, the Chattanooga Majic, did not start the season, and was replaced by the Bristol Crusaders.

The WBA consists of players with five years or less of professional experience and each team is limited to two players with five years on their final 10-man roster. The WBA holds that the window of opportunity for NBA hopefuls is three years.

The WBA exists to prepare players to play in the NBA D-League, NBA, and international leagues.[1]


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