Lebanese Basketball League

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For current year competition, see 2012–13 Lebanese Basketball League
Sport Basketball
Founded 1994
No. of teams 10
Country  Lebanon
Most recent champion(s) Champville SC
TV partner(s) LBC International
Al Jazeera Sports
Official website flbb.com

The Lebanese Basketball League or FLB League is the top basketball league in Lebanon and one of the top leagues in Asia. It is organised annually as a national championship with playoffs and a national cup by the Lebanese Basketball Federation (FLB).

As per 2014, The Men Division A made up of 10 teams is named XXL Energy FLB League due to sponsorship reasons.


FLB League (New Era)[edit]

Season Champion Runner-up
1998-1999 Sagesse Tadamon
1999-2000 Sagesse Antranik
2000–2001 Sagesse Champville
2001–2002 Sagesse Champville
2002–2003 Sagesse Al Riyadi
2003–2004 Sagesse Champville
2004–2005 Al Riyadi Sagesse
2005–2006 Al Riyadi Sagesse
2006–2007 Al Riyadi Blue Stars
2007–2008 Al Riyadi Mouttahed
2008-2009 Al Riyadi Mouttahed
2009-2010 Al Riyadi Champville
2010-2011 Al Riyadi Champville
2011-2012 Champville Anibal
2012-2013 League Cancelled
2011-2012 Al Riyadi Sagesse

Division 1 - Men (2012-2013)[edit]

Division 1 - Men (2013-2014)[edit]

Division A Women[edit]

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