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Country of origin People's Republic of China
Date 2003
Designer CAALPT
Application Upper stage booster
Status Under Development
Liquid-fuel engine
Propellant LOX / LH2
Cycle Staged combustion
Chamber 1
Thrust (vac.) 700 kN (157,360 lbf)
Thrust (SL) 540 kN (121,390 lbf)
Isp (vac.) 432 seconds (4.24 km/s)
Isp (SL) 333 seconds (3.27 km/s)

The YF-50t is a Chinese cryogenic rocket engine being developed to power the upper stages of the Long March 5 family of launch vehicles. It is an indigenous development based on Chinese experience with the YF-73 and YF-75 upper stage engines. It is gimballed in two axes. Hydrogen bled from the engine is used to pressurize the oxygen tank, and helium is used to pressurize the hydrogen tank.[1]


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