Équateur District

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Coordinates: 00°04′N 018°16′E / 0.067°N 18.267°E / 0.067; 18.267

Location of Équateur District in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Équateur District was a former district of pre-2015 second former Équateur Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In 2015, Équateur District was merged with the city of Mbandaka to form the new, smaller third Équateur Province.


Former province[edit]

The Équateur District's distinct area was originally known as Cuvette-Centrale province, having separated from the first Équateur province in 1962. Léon Engulu served as the only president (later, governor) of Cuvette-Centrale from 1962-1966.

In 1966 Cuvette-Centrale province and first Équateur province were reincorporated into the second Équateur Province by the Mobutu regime.