Haut-Uele District

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Coordinates: 2°46′35″N 27°37′04″E / 2.776394°N 27.617912°E / 2.776394; 27.617912

Location of Haut-Uele district in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Haut-Uele District is a district located in Orientale Province, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The district takes its name, which means "upper Uele" in French, from the Uele River.


The principal communities are Niangara, Dungu, Faradje, Watsa, Rungu, Isiro and Wamba.[1] The capital of the district is the town of Isiro.[2]

Territories are

Proposed province[edit]

Under the 2006 constitution, the Haut-Uele district was to become a new Haut-Uele Province within 36 months, by 18 February 2009.[3] As of October 2010, this had not taken place.[4]