Östgöta nation (Uppsala)

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Östgöta Nation
Östgöta nation1.jpg
University Uppsala University
Location Trädgårdsgatan 15
753 09 UPPSALA
Latin name Natio Ostrogothica
Abbreviation ÖG
Established 1595
Inspektor Kerstin Sahlin
Membership ca 2600
Website www.ostgotanation.se

Östgöta nation or ÖG, as it is called informally, is a student society and one of thirteen nations at Uppsala University. Though Östgöta nation had existed in various forms previously, the nation's constitution was drawn up on 8 November 1646 and that is now considered its official date of creation.

The current nation building was completed in 1885 and renovated in 1996. The nation currently has about 2600 members, making it a mid-sized nation. Östgöta nation is, like all the other nations in Uppsala, run by students.

Notable people who have been members of the nation include Tage Danielsson, Jöns Jacob Berzelius and Göran Lambertz.

Axel Hägerström was Inspektor of the Östgöta nation from 1925 to his retirement in 1933.


Östergötlands vapen med krona.JPG Östgöta nation

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