Smålands nation, Uppsala

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Coordinates: 59°51′33.7″N 17°37′50″E / 59.859361°N 17.63056°E / 59.859361; 17.63056

Småland's Nation
Smålands nation1.jpg
University Uppsala University
Location S:t Larsgatan 5
753 11 Uppsala
Latin name Natio Smolandica
Abbreviation N/A
Established 1645
Inspektor Mattias Dahlberg
Membership approx. 1200

Smålands nation is one of the thirteen student nations (a kind of student society) at Uppsala university in Sweden. It has around 1500 members, many of them international students. Smålands nation is well known for its live music scene and for its generous scholarships.

The nation was founded in 1645, and originally contained what is now Kalmar nation. In 1663 however, the nation was split into two nations named Wexiö nation and Kalmar nation. Following a disagreement between the two nations in 1667, Wexiö nation once again took the name Smålands nation.

The current nation house was built in 1954 and is located on S:t Larsgatan 5, close to Uppsala Domkyrka and the Fyris river.


Småland vapen.svg Smålands nation

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