Västmanlands-Dala Nation, Uppsala

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Västmanland's-Dala Nation
Uppsala University
Västmanlands Dala nation2.jpg
Location S:t Larsgatan 13
Box 2062
750 02 Uppsala
Latin name Natio Westmanno-Dalecarliae
Abbreviation V-Dala
Established 1639
Inspektor Johan Sundström
Membership 5290
Website www.v-dala.se

Västmanlands-Dala nation, mostly referred to only as V-Dala, is one of the 13 Student nations at Uppsala University in Sweden. The nation, intended for students from the provinces of Dalarna and Västmanland - these provinces making up most of the diocese of Västerås, was founded in 1639. The first Inspektor of the nation was Olof Rudbeck d.ä. appointed in 1663. The current Inspector (as of 2012) is Johan Sundström, an associate professor at the Medical Faculty of Uppsala University.


The house of Västmanlands-Dala nation is one of three buildings, in Sweden, drawn by the world-famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. The house was built in 1965, and was paid for by fund-raising in Dalarna and Västmanland.


Västmanland vapen.svgDalarna vapen.svg Västmanlands-Dala nation

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