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Coat of arms of Švenčionėliai
Coat of arms
Švenčionėliai is located in Lithuania
Location of Švenčionėliai
Coordinates: 55°10′N 26°0′E / 55.167°N 26.000°E / 55.167; 26.000Coordinates: 55°10′N 26°0′E / 55.167°N 26.000°E / 55.167; 26.000
Country  Lithuania
Ethnographic region Aukštaitija
County Vilnius County
Municipality Švenčionys district municipality
Eldership Švenčionėliai city eldership
Capital of Švenčionėliai city eldership
Švenčioneliai rural eldership
First mentioned End of the 16th century
Granted city rights 1920
Population (2011)
 • Total 5,771
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)

Švenčionėliai (About this sound pronunciation ) (Polish: Nowe Święciany, Yiddish: נײַ־סווענציאַןNay Sventzion) is a city in Švenčionys district municipality. It is 10 km west of Švenčionys. The river Žeimena flows through Švenčionėliai.


In 1940, there were around 1000 Jews in Švenčionėliai, i.e. 20 percent of the total population.

After the arrival of the Germans in 1941, local Lithuanians formed an activist group to fight the Red army troops as well as the procommunist Jews. Jewish shops in Švenčionėliai were looted and the accused Jews were shot in the nearby forest in July 1941. Soon after that, a ghetto was established. In September 1941, all the Jews were relocated to barracks in the former Soviet military training camp about 1,5 km from Švenčionėliai. Several thousand Jews, brought from nearby towns and villages (Švenčionys, Ignalina, Daugėliškis, Kaltanėnai, Linkmenys, Pabradė, Adutiškis, Stajėtiškis, Saldutiškis, Labanoras, Mielagėnai, Ceikiniai...), were kept in 8 barracks for about a week.

On 8 October 1941, all the Jews from the barracks were taken in smaller groups and shot in the pit that had been dug. Men were executed first. Women and children were shot afterwards. The killings lasted several days. The precise number of victims is not known but, according to the Soviet archives, it is assumed that around 7000-9000 Jews were executed.[1]


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