10th Parliament of Singapore

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11th Parliament of Singapore
majority parliament
2 November 2006 – 19 April 2011
Speaker of Parliament
Leader of the
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1st Session
March 25, 2002-December 1, 2004
2nd Session
January 12, 2005–April 20, 2006
11th Cabinet
Lee Hsien Loong
Elected NCMP Nominated
84 1 9
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The 10th Parliament of Singapore was the previous Parliament of Singapore. The first session commence from March 25, 2002 and prorogued on the December 1, 2004. The second session commence from May 18, 2008 and was dissolved on the April 19, 2011.[1] The membership was set by the 2006 Singapore General Election on November 2001, and it has been only changed due to the Lee Hsien Loong elected as a prime minister in Singapore.

The 10th Parliament is controlled by a People's Action Party majority, led by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and members of the cabinet, which assumed power on November 2001. The Opposition is led by the Secretary General of the Worker's Party of Singapore, Mr Low Thia Kiang. The Speaker of the Parliament of Singapore is Abdullah bin Tarmugi, of the People's Action Party. He was elected as the Speaker of the House for the 11th Parliament on March 25, 2002.

Result of the Singapore General Election, 2001[edit]

The Worker's Party, being the best performing opposition party with 16.34 percent of the Popular vote, was awarded a Non-Constituency Member of Parliament Seat in accordance with the Constitution. The NCMP Seat is currently held by Sylvia Lim, the President of the Worker's Party.




House Leaders[edit]