15th Parliament of Lower Canada

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The 15th Parliament of Lower Canada was in session from March 21, 1835, to March 27, 1838. Elections to the Legislative Assembly in Lower Canada had been held in October 1834. The lower house was dissolved following the Lower Canada Rebellion and Lower Canada was administered by an appointed Special Council until the Act of Union in 1840 established a new lower chamber for the Province of Canada. All sessions were held at Quebec City.

Riding Member
Beauce Antoine-Charles Taschereau
Beauce Pierre-Elzéar Taschereau[1]
Joseph-André Taschereau (1835)
Beauharnois Charles Archambault
Beauharnois Jacob De Witt
Bellechasse Augustin-Norbert Morin
Bellechasse Nicolas Boissonnault
Berthier Alexis Mousseau
Berthier Jacques Deligny[2]
Norbert Éno (1837)
Bonaventure Édouard Thibaudeau [3]
James McCracken (1836)
Bonaventure Joseph-François Deblois
Chambly Louis Lacoste
Chambly Louis-Michel Viger
Champlain Olivier Trudel
Champlain Pierre-Antoine Dorion
Deux-Montagnes William Henry Scott
Deux-Montagnes Jean-Joseph Girouard
Dorchester Jean-Baptiste Beaudoin
Dorchester Jean Bouffard
Drummond Edward Toomy
Drummond [4] Henry Menut (1836)
Gaspé John Le Boutillier
Gaspé William Power
Kamouraska Amable Dionne [5]
Alexandre Fraser (1835)
Kamouraska Pierre Canac, dit Marquis
L'Acadie Merritt Hotchkiss
L'Acadie Cyrille-Hector-Octave Côté
Lachenaie Charles Courteau
Lachenaie Jean-Marie Rochon [6]
Ludger Duvernay (1837)
Laprairie Jean-Moïse Raymond
Laprairie Joseph-Narcisse Cardinal
L'Assomption Édouard-Étienne Rodier
L'Assomption Jean-Baptiste Meilleur
L'Islet Jean-Baptiste Fortin
L'Islet Jean-Charles Létourneau
Lotbinière Louis Méthot
Lotbinière Jean-Baptiste-Isaïe Noël
Mégantic John Greaves Clapham
Missisquoi Ephraim Knight
Missisquoi William Baker
Montmorency Elzéar Bédard[7]
Nicolas Lefrançois (1836)
Montmorency [4] Vital Têtu (1836)
Montreal County Côme-Séraphin Cherrier
Montreal County André Jobin (1835)[8]
Montreal East Joseph Roy
Montreal East James Leslie
Montreal West Louis-Joseph Papineau
Montreal West Robert Nelson
Nicolet Jean-Baptiste Proulx
Nicolet Louis Bourdages[9]
Jean-Baptiste Hébert (1835)
Orléans Alexis Godbout
Orléans Jean-Baptiste Cazeau
Ottawa Baxter Bowman
Ottawa James Blackburn
Portneuf Hector-Simon Huot
Portneuf François-Xavier Larue
Quebec County Louis-Théodore Besserer
Quebec County Jean Blanchet
Quebec (Lower Town) George Vanfelson [10]
John Munn (1837)
Quebec (Lower Town) Hippolyte Dubord
Quebec (Upper Town) René-Édouard Caron [11]
Andrew Stuart (1836)
Quebec (Upper Town) Amable Berthelot
Richelieu Clément-Charles Sabrevois de Bleury [12]
Richelieu Jacques Dorion
Rimouski Jean-Baptiste Taché
Rimouski Louis Bertrand
Rouville Pierre-Martial Bardy
Rouville Pierre Careau
Saguenay François-Xavier Tessier [13]
Charles Drolet (1836)
Saguenay André Cimon
Saint-Hyacinthe Thomas Boutillier
Saint-Hyacinthe Louis Raynaud, dit Blanchard
Saint-Maurice Valère Guillet [14]
François Lesieur Desaulniers (1836)
Saint-Maurice Pierre Bureau [15]
Alexis Bareil, dit Lajoie (1836)
Shefford Alphonso Wells
Shefford Samuel Wood
Sherbrooke John Moore
Sherbrooke Bartholomew Conrad Augustus Gugy
Stanstead John Grannis [16]
Moses French Colby (1837)
Stanstead Marcus Child
Terrebonne Séraphin Bouc [17]
André-Benjamin Papineau (1837)
Terrebonne Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine
Trois-Rivières Edward Barnard
Trois-Rivières René-Joseph Kimber
Vaudreuil Charles-Ovide Perrault
Vaudreuil Charles Rocbrune, dit Larocque
Verchères Pierre Amiot
Verchères Joseph-Toussaint Drolet
William-Henry John Pickel
Yamaska Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan
Yamaska Léonard Godefroy de Tonnancour


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Preceded by
14th Parliament of Lower Canada
Parliaments in Lower Canada
Succeeded by
1st Parliament of the Province of Canada

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