1975 Rugby League World Cup

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1975 (1975) World Cup  ()
Number of teams 5
Winner  Australia (4th title)

Matches played 21
Attendance 204,476 (9,737 per match)
Points scored 661 (31.48 per match)
Top scorer Australia Mick Cronin (76)
Top try scorers England Keith Fielding (7)
Australia Ian Schubert (7)
 < 1972

The 1975 Rugby League World Championship (also referred to as the World Series[1]) was the seventh ever tournament for the Rugby League World Cup. The format differed radically from that employed in previous competitions; no one country hosted the matches, which were spread out in a 'world series' hosted by each of the five participating nations over a period of just over eight months. Each team had to play the others on a 'home and away' basis. Great Britain were split up into separate England and Wales teams, taking advantage of a glut of Welsh talent in the British game at the time.

No final was held, with Australia being deemed the champions by virtue of finishing on top of the table[2] with England coming in second.[3]



The Australian squad was captain-coached by Graeme Langlands. The Eastern Suburbs club, being current NSWRFL premiers were the most heavily represented team.

Name App. T G FG P Position Club League
Langlands, GraemeGraeme Langlands (c) Fullback St. George NSWRFL
Anderson, ChrisChris Anderson Wing Canterbury-Bankstown NSWRFL
Beetson, ArthurArthur Beetson Prop, Second-row Eastern Suburbs NSWRFL
Branighan, RayRay Branighan Centre, Wing Manly-Warringah NSWRFL
Brass, JohnJohn Brass Centre, Five-eighth Eastern Suburbs NSWRFL
Coote, RonRon Coote Lock, Second-row Eastern Suburbs NSWRFL
Cronin, MickMick Cronin 76 Centre Gerringong CRL
Donnelly, JohnJohn Donnelly Prop Western Suburbs NSWRFL
Eadie, GrahamGraham Eadie Fullback Manly-Warringah NSWRFL
Fahey, TerryTerry Fahey Wing Wellington Roosters CRL
Fitzgerald, DenisDenis Fitzgerald Prop Parramatta NSWRFL
Fulton, BobBob Fulton Centre, Five-eighth Manly-Warringah NSWRFL
Harris, MarkMark Harris Centre Eastern Suburbs NSWRFL
Higgs, RayRay Higgs Prop, Hooker Parramatta NSWRFL
Lang, JohnJohn Lang Hooker Eastern Suburbs Tigers BRL
Mackay, IanIan Mackay Prop Eastern Suburbs NSWRFL
McMahon, AllanAllan McMahon Centre, Wing, Fullback Balmain NSWRFL
Mayes, JohnJohn Mayes Halfback Eastern Suburbs NSWRFL
O'Neill, JohnJohn O'Neill Prop South Sydney NSWRFL
Peard, JohnJohn Peard Five-eighth Eastern Suburbs NSWRFL
Pickup, TimTim Pickup Five-eighth, Fullback Canterbury-Bankstown NSWRFL
Pierce, GregGreg Pierce Lock Cronulla-Sutherland NSWRFL
Piggins, GeorgeGeorge Piggins Hooker South Sydney NSWRFL
Platz, LewLew Platz Second-row, Lock Wynnum Manly BRL
Porter, JimJim Porter Wing Parramatta NSWRFL
Quayle, JohnJohn Quayle Second-row Parramatta NSWRFL
Randall, TerryTerry Randall Second-row, Lock, Prop Manly-Warringah NSWRFL
Raudonikis, TomTom Raudonikis Halfback Western Suburbs NSWRFL
Rhodes, JohnnyJohnny Rhodes Wing Wynnum Manly BRL
Rogers, SteveSteve Rogers Centre Cronulla-Sutherland NSWRFL
Sait, PaulPaul Sait Centre, Second-row South Sydney NSWRFL
Schubert, IanIan Schubert 7 Fullback, Wing Eastern Suburbs NSWRFL
Stevens, GaryGary Stevens Second-row South Sydney NSWRFL
Strudwick, RossRoss Strudwick Halfback Fortitude Valley BRL
Veivers, GregGreg Veivers Prop Souths Magpies BRL
Wright, DavidDavid Wright Second-row, Prop Past Brothers BRL


England were coached by Bill Oxley and Alex Murphy, and captained by Roger Millward.[4]

Name App. T G FG P Position Club
Charlton, PaulPaul Charlton 1 0 0 0 0 Fullback Salford
Fielding, KeithKeith Fielding 6 7 0 0 21 Three-quarter Salford
Noonan, DerekDerek Noonan 2 0 0 0 0 Three-quarter Warrington
Dyl, LesLes Dyl 5 0 0 0 0 Three-quarter Leeds
Atkinson, JohnJohn Atkinson 4 1 0 0 3 Three-quarter Leeds
Gill, KenKen Gill 5 5 0 0 15 Half Salford
Millward, RogerRoger Millward 7 1 2 0 7 Half Hull K.R.
Chisnall, DavidDavid Chisnall 3 0 0 0 0 Forward Warrington
Gray, JohnJohn Gray 3 0 4 0 8 Forward Wigan
Jackson, PhilPhil Jackson 2 1 0 0 3 Forward Bradford Northern
Martyn, TommyTommy Martyn 1 0 0 0 0 Forward Warrington
Nicholls, GeorgeGeorge Nicholls 7 (3) 0 0 0 0 Forward St. Helens
Philbin, BarryBarry Philbin 1 0 0 0 0 Forward Warrington
Morgan, MickMick Morgan 4 (2) 1 0 0 3 Forward Wakefield Trinity
Fairbairn, GeorgeGeorge Fairbairn 7 2 26 0 58 Fullback Wigan
Nash, SteveSteve Nash 3 0 0 0 0 Half Featherstone Rovers
Coulman, MikeMike Coulman 1 0 0 0 0 Forward Salford
Chisnall, EricEric Chisnall 3 (1) 0 0 0 0 Forward St. Helens
Norton, SteveSteve Norton 7 1 0 0 3 Forward Castleford
Bridges, JohnJohn Bridges 6 0 0 1 1 Forward Featherstone Rovers
Cookson, PhilPhil Cookson 2 0 0 0 0 Forward Leeds
Walsh, JohnJohn Walsh 2 0 0 0 0 Centre St. Helens
Hughes, EricEric Hughes 3 3 0 0 9 Three-quarter Widnes
Holmes, JohnJohn Holmes 4 4 0 0 12 Three-quarter Leeds
Hogan, BrianBrian Hogan 4 1 0 0 3 Forward Wigan
Forsyth, ColinColin Forsyth 3 1 0 0 3 Forward Bradford Northern
Grayshon, JeffJeff Grayshon 5 1 0 0 3 Forward Dewsbury
Irving, RobertRobert Irving 3 0 0 0 0 Forward Wigan
Eckersley, DavidDavid Eckersley 2 (2) 0 0 0 0 Three-quarter St. Helens
Adams, MickMick Adams 1 0 0 0 0 Forward Widnes
Dunn, GeraldGerald Dunn 3 4 0 0 12 Three-quarter Hull K.R.
Wright, StuartStuart Wright 1 1 0 0 3 Three-quarter Wigan
Refearn, DavidDavid Refearn 1 0 0 0 0 Three-quarter Bradford Northern


New Zealand[edit]

The New Zealand team was coached by George Menzies (West Coast) and managed by Des Jenkinson (Auckland) and Brian Watson (Auckland).

Name App. T G FG P Position Club District
Barry, KevinKevin Barry Half Back Auckland
Matete, PaulPaul Matete 1 Wing Auckland
Beehre, LesLes Beehre Hooker Auckland
Brereton, MockyMocky Brereton Back West Coast
Ah Kuoi, FredFred Ah Kuoi Three-quarter Richmond Auckland
Smith, JohnJohn Smith Back Auckland
Sorensen, KurtKurt Sorensen Forward Mt. Wellington Auckland
Dickison, BruceBruce Dickison Centre Canterbury
Gordon, TonyTony Gordon Backs Auckland
Sorensen, DaneDane Sorensen Forward Mt. Wellington Auckland
Baxendale, RayRay Baxendale Second Row West Coast
Greengrass, JohnJohn Greengrass Prop Canterbury
Whittaker, JohnJohn Whittaker Back Wellington
Orchard, PhillipPhillip Orchard Wing Wellington
Williams, DennisDennis Williams Back Te Atatu Auckland
Eade, MurrayMurray Eade (vc) Loose Forward Auckland
O'Sullivan, JohnJohn O'Sullivan Back Auckland
Dyer, BarrieBarrie Dyer Utility Auckland
Collicoat, WarrenWarren Collicoat Back Auckland
Gurnick, PeterPeter Gurnick Forward Auckland
Coll, TonyTony Coll Second Row West Coast
Stirling, KenKen Stirling (c) Back Auckland
Potter, KevinKevin Potter Centre Auckland
Proctor, LyndsayLyndsay Proctor Forward Auckland
Jarvis, BobBob Jarvis Back Auckland
Munro, DonDon Munro Back Wellington
Conroy, TomTom Conroy Hooker Auckland
Wright, MurrayMurray Wright Hooker Auckland
Liavaa, JoshJosh Liavaa Second Row Auckland
Wright, JohnJohn Wright Prop Auckland
West, GraemeGraeme West Forward West Coast
Hibbs, JohnJohn Hibbs Forward West Coast


Coach: Les Pearce[5]


2 March
France  14–7  Wales
Stade Municipal, Toulouse
Attendance: 7,563
Referee: Fred Lindop England
16 March
England  20–2  France
Headingley, Leeds
Attendance: 10,842
Referee: Keith Page Australia (Harry Hunt England)
1 June
Australia  36–8  New Zealand
Lang Park, Brisbane
Attendance: 12,000
Referee: Francois Escande France
10 June
England  7–12  Wales
Lang Park, Brisbane
Attendance: 6,000
Referee: Don Lancashire Australia
14 June
Australia  30–13  Wales
Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney
Attendance: 25,386
Referee: Francois Escande France

In this match Mick Cronin kicked nine goals.

15 June
New Zealand  27–0  France
21 June
New Zealand  17–17  England
Carlaw Park, Auckland
Attendance: 12,000
Referee: Laurie Bruyeres Australia
22 June
Australia  26–6  France
Lang Park, Brisbane
Attendance: 9,000
Referee: John Percival New Zealand
28 June
Australia  10–10  England
Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney
Attendance: 33,858
Referee: John Percival New Zealand
28 June
New Zealand  13–8  Wales
Carlaw Park, Auckland
Attendance: 9,368
Referee: Laurie Bruyeres Australia
20 September
Wales  16–22  England
Wilderspool Stadium, Warrington
Attendance: 5,034
Referee: Marcel Caillol France
27 September
New Zealand  8–24  Australia
Carlaw Park, Auckland
Attendance: 18,000
Referee: Fred Lindop England
11 October
France  2–48  England
Stade du Parc Lescure, Bordeaux
Attendance: 1,581
Referee: John Percival New Zealand

England winger Keith Fielding created a new record by scoring four tries against a hapless French team at Bordeaux.

17 October
France  12–12  New Zealand
Stade Vélodrome, Marseille
Attendance: 10,000
Referee: Billy Thompson England
19 October
Wales  6–18  Australia
St. Helen's Rugby Ground, Swansea
Attendance: 11,112
Referee: John Percival New Zealand

Kangaroo wing prodigy Ian Schubert also scored a hat-trick tries.

26 October
England  27–12  New Zealand
Odsal Stadium, Bradford
Attendance: 5,507
Referee: Andre Lacaze France

English stand-off Ken Gill ran in three tries.

26 October
France  2–41  Australia
Stade Gilbert Brutus, Perpignan
Attendance: 10,440
Referee: Billy Thompson England
1 November
England  16–13  Australia
Central Park, Wigan
Attendance: 9,353
Referee: John Percival New Zealand
2 November
Wales  25–24  New Zealand
St. Helen's Rugby Ground, Swansea
Attendance: 2,645
Referee: Georges Jameau France

In this match Jim Mills, the Wales prop, was banned for the rest of the season after an altercation. The ban was eventually lifted on 2 January 1976.

6 November
Wales  23–2  France
The Willows, Salford
Attendance: 2,247
Referee: Fred Lindop England

Final standings[edit]

Team Played Won Drew Lost  For  Against Difference Points
 Australia 8 6 1 1 198 69 +129 13
 England 8 5 2 1 167 84 +83 12
 Wales 8 3 0 5 110 130 −20 6
 New Zealand 8 2 2 4 121 149 −28 6
 France 8 1 1 6 40 204 −164 3

Final challenge match[edit]

As Australia had not beaten England to win the cup, a final challenge was hastily arranged. The Kangaroos showed they were worthy World Champions with a comprehensive 25–0 win at Headingley in front of a disappointing crowd of 7,680.

12 November
England  0–25  Australia
Headingley, Leeds
Attendance: 7,680
Referee: Fred Lindop England


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