1983 Coupe de France Final

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The 1983 Coupe de France Final was a football match held at Parc des Princes, Paris on June 11, 1983, that saw Paris Saint-Germain FC defeat FC Nantes 3–2 thanks to goals by Pascal Zaremba, Safet Sušić and Nabatingue Toko.

Match details[edit]

June 11, 1983
Paris SG 3–2 FC Nantes
Zaremba Goal 3'
Sušić Goal 65'
Toko Goal 82'
Baronchelli Goal 17'
Touré Goal 40'
Parc des Princes, Paris
Attendance: 46,203
Referee: Michel Vautrot

GK 1 France Dominique Baratelli
DF 2 France Franck Tanasi
DF 4 France Jean-Marc Pilorget
DF 5 France Dominique Bathenay (c) Substituted off 50'
DF 3 France Jean-Claude Lemoult
MF 6 France Pascal Zaremba
MF 8 France Luis Fernandez
MF 10 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Safet Sušić
FW 7 Chad Nabatingue Toko
FW 9 France Dominique Rocheteau
FW 11 France Michel N'Gom
MF 13 Algeria Mustapha Dahleb Substituted in 50'
FW 12 Senegal Saar Boubacar
France Georges Peyroche

Assistant Referees:
Fourth Official:

GK 1 France Jean-Paul Bertrand-Demanes
DF 2 France Michel Bibard Substituted off 82'
DF 3 France William Ayache
DF 4 France Patrice Rio
DF 5 France Maxime Bossis (c)
MF 6 France Seth Adonkor
MF 8 France Thierry Tusseau Substituted off 73'
MF 10 France José Touré
FW 7 France Bruno Baronchelli
FW 9 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Vahid Halilhodžić
FW 11 France Loïc Amisse
MF 13 Argentina Oscar Muller Substituted in 73'
FW 12 France Fabrice Picot Substituted in 82'
France Jean-Claude Suaudeau

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