1999 Palanca Awards

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The Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature winners in the year 1999 (rank, title of winning entry, name of author):

English Division[edit]


Short Story

  • First Prize: "Life Before X" by Angelo Rodriguez Lacuesta
  • Second Prize: "Flood" by Ma. Romina M. Gonzales
  • Third Prize: "Rhinoplasty" by Maria L.M. Fres-Felix


  • First Prize: "The Taste of One Wave" by John Labella
  • Second Prize: "Native Tongue" by Ulysses B. Aparece
  • Third Prize: "Reaching Destination" by Nerisa Del Carmen Guevarra

Short Story for Children

  • First Prize: "The Boy Who Had Five Lolas" by Grace D. Chong
  • Second Prize: "Magnificent Benito and His Two Front Teeth" by Michelle G. Rivera and Augie Rivera
  • Third Prize: "Danny Goes Home" by Michelle Antoinette S. Tom


Full Length Play

  • First Prize: "Original Grace" by Elsa M. Coscolluela
  • Second Prize: "Halakata, MS.D" by Jhoanna Lynn B. Cruz
  • Third Prize: "Legend of the Cross" by Ametta Suarez Taguchi

One-Act Play

  • First Prize: "Medea of Syquijor" by Leoncio P. Deriada
  • Second Prize: "Blind Names" by Crispin Ramos
  • Third Prize: "Sayonara Lola Bashang" by John Joseph S. Coronel

Filipino Division[edit]

Novel in Filipino

  • Grand Prize: "Ang Kaulayaw ng Agila" by Lilia Quindoza Santiago

Short Story in Filipino

  • First Prize: "Sinsil Boys" by German V. Gervacio
  • Second Prize: "BI" by Marco A.V. Lopez
  • Third Prize: "Dalantao" by Alwin C. Aguirre

Poetry in Filipino "Kamatayon sang Isa ka Kalye" by Leoncio P. Deriada

Short Story for Children in Filipino

  • First Prize: "Tatlong Ungas" by Rene O. Villanueva
  • Second Prize: "Ang Ballet Dancer at ang Basketball Player" by Nora Imelda C. Bautista
  • Third Prize: "Xilef" by Augie Rivera

Essay in Filipino

  • First Prize: "Bakasin Mo Sa Bakasyon" by Lamberto E. Antonio
  • Second Prize: "Abante Sa Aking Buhay" by Ariel Dim. Dorlongan
  • Third Prize: "Tatlong Lumang Sutana" by Niles Jordan Breis

Full-Length Play in Filipino

  • First Prize: "Luna, Isang Romansang Aswang" by Rodolfo C. Vera
  • Second Prize: "Despedida De Soltera" by Liza C. Magtoto
  • Third Prize: "Bagting" by Edward P. Perez

One-act Play in Filipino

  • First Prize: "Watawat" by Rene O. Villanueva
  • Second Prize: "Unang Dalaw" by Edward P. Perez
  • Third Prize: "Wan Chai Yuki" by Dominic D. Manrique


  • First Prize: "Babaeng Tilapia, Natagpuan sa Coastal Road" by Nicolas B. Pichay
  • Second Prize: "Banta" by Eli Rueda Guieb III
  • Third Prize: "Ayala Avenue" by Isagani A. Amoncio


  • First Prize: "Si Maria at si Magdalena" by Ramon Felipe Sarmiento
  • Second Prize: "Karumal-Dumal" by Diosdado Sa. Anzures Jr.
  • Third Prize: "Syota ng Masa" by Ronaldo C. Tumbokon

Ilokano Short Story[edit]

  • First Prize: "Dayyeng Dagiti Karayan" by Ricarte A. Agnes
  • Second Prize: "Dagiti Inna nga Umulog iti Sardam" by Reynaldo A. Duque
  • Third Prize: "Murkat" by Roy V. Aragon

Cebuano Short Story[edit]

  • First Prize: "Ting-Ani" by Ricardo I. Patalinhug
  • Second Prize: "Sambunot" by Leonilo E. Estimo
  • Third Prize: "Ang Hari sa Tulay" by Oscar C. Pineda

Hiligaynon Short Story[edit]

  • First Prize: "Ang Likum sang Isla San Miguel" by Alice Tan Gonzales
  • Second Prize: "Ulan sa Bulan sang Abril" by Jonathan P. Jurilla

Kabataan Essay[edit]


  • First Prize: "Learn from the Oldies and Teach the Kiddies" by Juan Ruffo D. Chong
  • Second Prize: "Got Pinoy" by Catherine Candano
  • Third Prize: "Cultivating Our Roots" by Melissa Mae B. Santos

Third Prize: "Ang Papel ng Kabataan sa Pangangalaga ng Kahalagahang Pangkultura ng Filipino" by Melecio P. Vizcarra Jr.

More winners by year[edit]