2000 yen note

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2000 Yen
Value 2000 Yen
Width 154 mm
Height 76 mm
Security features Color-shifting ink, Intaglio printing, Latent imaging, Luminescent ink, Microprinting, Pearl ink, Tactile printing, Watermark, EURion constellation
P103-2000Yen-(2000) front.jpg
Design Shureimon
2000 Yen Murasaki Shikibu.jpg
Design The Tale of Genji

The 2000 yen note (二千円紙幣, Nisen-en shihei) was issued July 19, 2000, to commemorate the 26th G8 Summit and the millennium.[1] It is not a commemorative banknote but a regular series in Japanese law. Known as the D Series, it is the only 2,000 yen note design ever to be printed. The design is similar of that of the other Japanese notes in circulation at the time of issue.

The obverse has a serial number and depicts Shureimon, a 16th-century gate at Shuri Castle in Naha, in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Cherry blossom and chrysanthemum motifs are part of the linear design work in the background.

The reverse side depicts a scene from The Tale of Genji, and a portrait of Murasaki Shikibu, the noblewoman to whom this work of classic literature has been attributed. A copy of a portion of script from the original work is included.

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