2002 in Luxembourg

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List of years in Luxembourg


Position Incumbent
Grand Duke Henri
Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker
Deputy Prime Minister Lydie Polfer
President of the Chamber of Deputies Jean Spautz
President of the Council of State Marcel Sauber
Mayor of Luxembourg City Paul Helminger


January – March[edit]

  • 1 January – New Euro banknotes and coins are introduced to replace those of the Luxembourgian franc.
  • 28 January – The government signs a treaty with France, at Rémilly, agreeing to extend the TGV Est to Luxembourg City.
  • 18 February – Arcelor is launched as an operating concern.
  • 28 February – Luxembourgian franc banknotes and coins cease to be legal tender.
  • 29 March – SES launches its 3A satellite.

April – June[edit]

July – September[edit]

October – December[edit]

  • 6 November – Luxair Flight 9642 crashes near Niederanven, on the approach to Luxembourg-Findel. 20 of the 22 passengers and crew members die.
  • 26 November – SES' 1K satellite fails to deploy properly after launch, requiring it to be deorbited. This is SES's first unintended loss.



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