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The 2008 Monterey Sports Car Championships presented by Patrón was the eleventh and final round of the 2008 American Le Mans Series season. It took place at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, California on 18 October 2008. It was the first time the event had a sponsor in its name since the 2004 season.



The LMP2 category dominated qualifying, led by the four Acura teams who were able to qualify in the top five positions, led by David Brabham in the Highcroft Racing Acura on pole position. The Acura squads were broken up only by the #7 Penske Porsche which qualified third. In LMP1, the #1 Audi led that class but was only ninth overall in the standings. Among the Corvette teams, the #3 car once again earned pole over its teammate, while GT2 was led by Farnbacher-Loles' Porsche. Tafel Racing meanwhile led among Ferrari squads in third place within the class.

Qualifying result[edit]

Pole position winners in each class are marked in bold.

Pos Class Team Qualifying Driver Time[1]
1 LMP2 #9 Patrón Highcroft Racing David Brabham 1:10.103
2 LMP2 #15 Lowe's Fernández Racing Luis Díaz 1:10.202
3 LMP2 #7 Penske Racing Timo Bernhard 1:10.351
4 LMP2 #66 de Ferran Motorsports Gil de Ferran 1:10.451
5 LMP2 #26 Andretti Green Racing Tony Kanaan 1:10.567
6 LMP2 #6 Penske Racing Sascha Maassen 1:10.586
7 LMP2 #5 Penske Motorsports, Inc. Ryan Briscoe 1:10.606
8 LMP2 #16 Dyson Racing Guy Smith 1:11.010
9 LMP1 #1 Audi Sport North America Emanuele Pirro 1:11.264
10 LMP1 #2 Audi Sport North America Lucas Luhr 1:11.825
11 LMP2 #20 Dyson Racing Butch Leitzinger 1:12.089
12 LMP1 #48 Corsa Motorsports Johnny Mowlem 1:12.819
13 LMP2 #8 B-K Motorsports Ben Devlin 1:13.321
14 LMP1 #37 Intersport Racing Jon Field 1:13.379
15 LMP1 #88 Creation Autosportif Stephen Simpson 1:13.481
16 LMP1 #12 Autocon Motorsports Chris McMurry 1:14.549
17 GT1 #3 Corvette Racing Jan Magnussen 1:19.291
18 GT1 #4 Corvette Racing Oliver Gavin 1:19.790
19 GT2 #87 Farnbacher-Loles Motorsport Dirk Werner 1:22.060
20 GT2 #45 Flying Lizard Motorsports Jörg Bergmeister 1:22.380
21 GT2 #71 Tafel Racing Dominik Farnbacher 1:22.701
22 GT2 #46 Flying Lizard Motorsports Patrick Pilet 1:22.869
23 GT2 #62 Risi Competizione Mika Salo 1:22.962
24 GT2 #99 JMB Racing Pierre Kaffer 1:23.243
25 GT2 #61 Risi Competizione Niclas Jönsson 1:23.928
26 GT2 #21 Panoz Team PTG Joey Hand 1:24.084
27 GT2 #18 VICI Racing Nicky Pastorelli 1:24.111
28 GT2 #007 Drayson-Barwell Jonny Cocker 1:24.626
29 GT2 #54 Black Swan Racing Anthony Lazzaro 1:24.711
30 GT2 #40 Robertson Racing David Murry 1:24.727
31 GT2 #73 Tafel Racing Pierre Ehret 1:24.970
32 GT2 #11 Primetime Race Group Chris Hall 1:26.124
33 GT2 #44 Flying Lizard Motorsports 44 Seth Neiman 1:26.704
34 LMP1 #10 ECO Racing Did Not Participate No Time


The final round of the ALMS season was slowed by a total of twelve caution periods over the four-hour race distance, including four within the first hour alone. This allowed for a variety of pit strategies to come into place as teams chose to make their first pit stops during different caution periods. The Acura teams led early, but Audi was eventually able to take the overall lead, eventually completing the race first and second, led by the #2 car of Marco Werner and Lucas Luhr. In LMP2, Acura's also finished first and second, but the #7 Penske Porsche's finish of third was able to secure Porsche the Manufacturers Championship within the class by a single point.

In GT1, the #4 Corvette of Olivier Beretta and Oliver Gavin earned their third win of the season over their teammates, while the #71 Tafel Racing Ferrari secured its fourth victory in GT2 in 2008. The Risi Competizione Ferrari and Farnbacher-Loles Porsche completed the GT2 podium, while the PTG Panoz had a strong fourth place finish a lap behind.

Race result[edit]

Class winners in bold. Cars failing to complete 70% of winner's distance marked as Not Classified (NC).[2]

Pos Class No Team Drivers Chassis Tire Laps
1 LMP1 2 United States Audi Sport North America Germany Marco Werner
Germany Lucas Luhr
Audi R10 TDI M 145
Audi TDI 5.5 L Turbo V12
2 LMP1 1 United States Audi Sport North America Italy Emanuele Pirro
Netherlands Christijan Albers
Audi R10 TDI M 145
Audi TDI 5.5 L Turbo V12
3 LMP2 26 United States Andretti Green Racing France Franck Montagny
Brazil Tony Kanaan
Acura ARX-01B M 145
Acura AL7R 3.4 L V8
4 LMP2 66 United States de Ferran Motorsports Brazil Gil de Ferran
France Simon Pagenaud
Acura ARX-01B M 145
Acura AL7R 3.4 L V8
5 LMP2 7 United States Penske Racing Germany Timo Bernhard
France Romain Dumas
Porsche RS Spyder Evo M 145
Porsche MR6 3.4 L V8
6 LMP2 5 United States Penske Motorsports, Inc. Brazil Hélio Castroneves
Australia Ryan Briscoe
Porsche RS Spyder Evo M 145
Porsche MR6 3.4 L V8
7 LMP2 16 United States Dyson Racing United States Chris Dyson
United Kingdom Guy Smith
Porsche RS Spyder Evo M 145
Porsche MR6 3.4 L V8
8 LMP2 20 United States Dyson Racing United States Butch Leitzinger
United Kingdom Marino Franchitti
Porsche RS Spyder Evo M 144
Porsche MR6 3.4 L V8
9 LMP2 15 Mexico Lowe's Fernández Racing Mexico Adrian Fernández
Mexico Luis Díaz
Acura ARX-01B M 144
Acura AL7R 3.4 L V8
10 LMP2 6 United States Penske Racing United States Patrick Long
Germany Sascha Maassen
Porsche RS Spyder Evo M 144
Porsche MR6 3.4 L V8
11 LMP1 48 United States Corsa Motorsports United States Gunnar Jeannette
United Kingdom Johnny Mowlem
Sweden Stefan Johansson
Ginetta-Zytek 07S D 142
Zytek 4.5 L V8
12 GT1 4 United States Corvette Racing United Kingdom Oliver Gavin
Monaco Olivier Beretta
Chevrolet Corvette C6.R M 139
Chevrolet LS7-R 7.0 L V8
(E85 ethanol)
13 GT1 3 United States Corvette Racing United States Johnny O'Connell
Denmark Jan Magnussen
Chevrolet Corvette C6.R M 139
Chevrolet LS7-R 7.0 L V8
(E85 ethanol)
14 GT2 71 United States Tafel Racing Germany Dominik Farnbacher
Germany Dirk Müller
Ferrari F430GT M 139
Ferrari 4.0 L V8
15 LMP2 9 United States Patrón Highcroft Racing United States Scott Sharp
Australia David Brabham
Acura ARX-01B M 139
Acura AL7R 3.4 L V8
16 GT2 62 United States Risi Competizione Brazil Jaime Melo
Finland Mika Salo
Ferrari F430GT M 139
Ferrari 4.0 L V8
17 GT2 87 United States Farnbacher-Loles Motorsports Germany Dirk Werner
United States Bryce Miller
Porsche 997 GT3-RSR M 138
Porsche 4.0 L Flat-6
18 LMP1 88 United Kingdom Creation Autosportif United Kingdom Jamie Campbell-Walter
South Africa Stephen Simpson
United States Liz Halliday
Creation CA07 D 138
AIM (Judd) YS5.5 5.5 L V10
(E85 ethanol)
19 GT2 21 United States Panoz Team PTG United States Tommy Milner
United States Joey Hand
Panoz Esperante GT-LM Y 137
Ford (Élan) 5.0 L V8
20 GT2 46 United States Flying Lizard Motorsports United States Johannes van Overbeek
France Patrick Pilet
Porsche 997 GT3-RSR M 137
Porsche 4.0 L Flat-6
21 GT2 44 United States Flying Lizard Motorsports 44 United States Darren Law
United States Seth Neiman
United States Lonnie Pechnik
Porsche 997 GT3-RSR M 135
Porsche 4.0 L Flat-6
22 GT2 99 Monaco JMB Racing
United Kingdom Aucott Racing
United Kingdom Ben Aucott
Germany Pierre Kaffer
Ferrari F430GT D 134
Ferrari 4.0 L V8
23 GT2 007 United Kingdom Drayson-Barwell United Kingdom Paul Drayson
United Kingdom Jonny Cocker
Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT2 D 134
Aston Martin 4.5 L V8
(E85 ethanol)
24 GT2 54 United States Black Swan Racing United States Tim Pappas
United States Anthony Lazzaro
United States Andy Pilgrim
Ford GT-R Mk.VII F 133
Ford 5.0 L V8
25 GT2 45 United States Flying Lizard Motorsports Germany Jörg Bergmeister
Germany Wolf Henzler
Porsche 997 GT3-RSR M 133
Porsche 4.0 L Flat-6
26 GT2 73 United States Tafel Racing United States Harrison Brix
United States Alex Figge
Germany Pierre Ehret
Ferrari F430GT M 132
Ferrari 4.0 L V8
27 GT2 61 United States Risi Competizione
United States Krohn Racing
United States Tracy Krohn
Sweden Niclas Jönsson
Ferrari F430GT M 129
Ferrari 4.0 L V8
28 GT2 40 United States Robertson Racing United States David Robertson
United States Andrea Robertson
United States David Murry
Ford GT-R Mk.VII D 129
Ford 5.0 L V8
29 GT2 11 United States Primetime Race Group United States Joel Feinberg
United Kingdom Chris Hall
Dodge Viper Competition Coupe H 112
Dodge 8.3 L V10
30 LMP2 8 United States B-K Motorsports United States Gerardo Bonilla
United Kingdom Ben Devlin
Brazil Raphael Matos
Lola B08/86 D 106
Mazda MZR-R 2.0 L Turbo I4
(E85 ethanol)
LMP1 37 United States Intersport Racing United States Jon Field
United Kingdom Ryan Lewis
United States Richard Berry
Lola B06/10 D 102
AER P32C 4.0 L Turbo V8
(E85 ethanol)
LMP1 12 United States Autocon Motorsports United States Chris McMurry
Canada Tony Burgess
Lola B06/10 D 87
AER P32C 4.0 L Turbo V8
LMP1 10 United Kingdom ECO Racing United States Andrew Prendeville
Japan Hideki Noda
Radical SR10 D 46
ECO (AER) 5.0 L Turbo V10
GT2 18 Germany VICI Racing Netherlands Nicky Pastorelli
Netherlands Francesco Pastorelli
Germany Marc Basseng
Porsche 997 GT3-RSR K 17
Porsche 4.0 L Flat-6


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