2 Remixes by AFX

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2 Remixes By AFX
2 Remixes By AFX.jpg
Released 2001
Recorded ???
Genre Acid House
Label Rephlex Records MEN 1
MEN Records
Producer Richard D. James
AFX chronology
Analogue Bubblebath 3.1
2 Remixes By AFX
Smojphace EP

2 Remixes By AFX is a two song, three track, remix CD and 12" vinyl by electronic music artist Richard D. James under his commonly known alias, AFX. It was released through MEN Records, a Rephlex Records sublabel.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Flow Coma" (AFX Remix) 4:59
2. "Box Energy" (AFX Remix) 6:30
3. "(untitled)[nb 1]"   1:58

  • The original version of track 1 is by 808 State (from Newbuild) and the original version of track 2 is by DJ Pierre.
  • Track 3 contains an SSTV image, encoded by MultiMode software.



  1. ^ Track 3 is sometimes referred to as "Bonus High Frequencies".